Concept arts Concept arts Anunnaki Myrmidon MBT Concept Art This is an concept art of Anunnaki Myrmidon Main Battle Tank 109510707 ACME Air Force concept Art This is an Concept Art of ACME Air Force mooks -- Concept Art (C) Misha Azizia 181845077 ACME Marine Concept art They got Pile Bunkers, Chainsaws since they're ACME Melee specialists, and the only ranged-weapon that they needs are harpoons -- Concept Art (C) Misha Azizia 181845078 Danko's Nanosuit This is what the Nanosuit that Emile Danko will personally wears looks like, it's basically Nanosuit 3.0 only it based on pre-retcon versions of Nanosuit(back when Nanosuits are cool next-gen power armor instead of alien tech that works lot like Spiderman's symbiote) -- Here's the capabilities of Danko's Nanosuit: can comfortably withstands ground-zero of Nuke attacks, Enhanced strength to fires big guns one handed, and so on -- art (C) Misha Azizia 182480907 Anunnaki Mook This is the Concept art of the Anunnaki mook -- art (C) Misha Azizia 184096562 Chupacabra Anunnaki Chupacabra, they're Anunnaki's equivalent of Earthly attack dogs and they got Antimatter-based suicide bombs -- art (C) Misha Azizia 184096563 ACME Navy Concept Art This is the concept art of ACME Navy, they got missile launchers and Machine gun based on P90 -- art (C) Misha Azizia 184096578 ACME Army Concept Art They got 50cal Machine Gun, Cannon, and Autocannonn -- art (C) Misha Azizia 184096579 Illuminati Flamethrower Mecha concept art This is the concept art of the Flamethrower Mechas of the Illuminati -- art (C) Misha Azizia 184264474 Illuminati Gatling Mecha concept art This is the concept art of the Illuminati Gatling Mechas -- art (C) Misha Azizia 184264475 Improved concept art of Myrmidon This is improved Concept Art of the Anunnaki Myrmidon, it got phaser arms -- art (C) Misha Azizia 184264476 Illuminati Pincer Mechas This is the pincer mecha concept art, their roles are Close Quarter Combat -- art (C) Misha Azizia 184264477 Illuminati Missile Mecha This is the concept arts for Illuminati missile mechas -- art (C) Misha Azizia 184264478 Illuminati Mecha CPU Concept art this is the concept art for what the CPU for Literal Mechanized Infantry that Illuminati uses -- art (C) Misha Azizia 184264479