Epic X-over Movie: formerly known as Ani-Toonspiracy



Since we're desperate for money to make this project live, I launches few Donation campaign to make this project live

Race for Conspiratorial Crossover
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Since we're very desperate for money to make this project live as animated crossover parody movie, I launches this campaign to make this Mega-Crossover project live as Feature-length film while free of charge to it's viewers. so if you're got any interest to this project, please donate your money to make this project live from anything other than sponsorship

One important thing is: this project isn't about profits unless when this project is supported by sponsors(since it will results massive lawsuits unless when we pays royalty to IP holders of things that this project crossovers/parodies where for best results, this up to whatever possible sponsor), any money donated here is just to cover the cost of this project

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