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Tropes for this Project

Posted by Masonicon on February 11, 2011 at 4:45 AM

Here's are the tropes for this movie so far:

  • 20 minutes into Future: Iluminati's near-futuristic technology levels
  • 24 Hour Armor: Illuminati shocktroopers and most Anunnaki combatants
  • Abnormal ammo: Guns that fires molecule-thick disc of superheated plasma that literally hotter than sun and can slices through anything that they hits? check. Guns that sprays radioactive dust? check. Guns that sprays swarms of Carnivorous Nanobots that also feeds it's user, especially when it's users are uses nanotechnology? check. Guns that fires burning globs of napalm? check. Flamethrowers that fires Ionized Napalm? Check.
  • Abusing The Kardashev Scale For Fun And Profit: The Anunnaki empire aka Luciferian alliance of Aliens are at least low type 4 Civilization
  • alien blood: Anunnaki themselves are bleeds Ichor(nanomachines that used for their bloods in place of Normal being's blood cells)
  • A God Am I: where Plankton gets bottomles amounts of Superpowers by merging himself with a Digimon named Apocalymon, also applies to Anunnaki Pharaoh Anu
  • Alien Invasion
  • Agent Mulder: Spongebob
  • Agent Scully: Squidward and Mr Krabs(at the begining of this movie)
  • All Gays are Pedophiles: Nomad from Crysis played it fairly straight
  • All Myths are True: subverted
  • All Stories are Real Somewhere:
  • All Theories are True: also subverted like above where many currently acepted theories are False
  • All Your base are belong to us: when the remaining Protagonists of this movie takes over Planktopolis
  • Always Chaotic Evil: the Anunnaki empire(now known as Luciferian Alliance of Aliens)
  • Ancient Astronauts
  • Ancient Conspiracies
  • Anyone Can Die by the time where Spongebob and his friends finally reaches Plankton's hideout, Anunnaki armies has killed everyone else save for Spongebob major characters and Marked of Karen Cyborgs
  • Area 51: based on it's real life counterparts where it holds tons after tons after tons of Cutting Edge Technologies that kept under wraps
  • Armies are Evil: applies to both Illuminati and Anunnaki
  • Back from the Dead
  • Badass: all the potagonists
  • Badass Army: applies mainly to the main characters as the protagoists of this movie are highly numerous
  • BFG: fair amounts of Illuminati and Anunnaki firearms are BFG
  • BFS: Knights Templar melee weapons
  • Big Bad: Anunnaki Pharaoh Anu
  • Bizarre Alien Biology: Starfire plays this as usual mostly for dealing with stuffs and things that requires Hazmat Suits, Gasmasks, or Spacesuits
  • Black Knight: Shocktroopers
  • Bloodless Carnage
  • Body Horror: Anunnaki's Chupacabras
  • Brain Uploading: the Anunnaki(S) are loves to uses this technology extensively to cheats death
  • The Brute: Anunnaki Anihilator Enki, Cyborg Commando Giovanni
  • Canon Welding continuities from Numerous fandoms from Spongebob and Simpsons to several others are merged, particularly following the canonically very last events that happened in my own fandoms
  • Character development lots
  • Cloning blues: Anunnaki's primary method of reproduction
  • Cold Sniper: Illuminati Snipers
  • Combat Tentacles: Squidward's weapon of choice where he uses his Tentacle arms and legs for whipping his enemies
  • Cool Planes: Illuminati's F-22 Raptors, F-35 JSFs, and Anunnaki's Vimana, Valixi, and Space Manta Fighters
  • Conspiracy Theories is Truth In Television while MSM and Academics isn't Truth in Television: main parody targets when crossovering and Parodying Real Life
  • Cosmic Horror: Luciferian Alliance of Aliens
  • Crossover Cosmology: just any Real Life polytheistic gods are the high-ranking members of the Anunnaki species
  • Crossover Ship: from Koushiro Izumi x Sandy Cheeks, Tarma x Tracey Sketchit, Beast Boy x Mimi Tachikawa, Karen the Computer wife x Giovanni, to the name of few
  • Deader than dead Villain Sue: Plankton, after Spongebob Narrowly defeats him, where he rules the realm where the dead people goes thanks to being merged with Anunnaki Pharaoh Anu
  • Demonic Spiders; Anunnaki revenants
  • Deus Ex Machina
  • Doesn't like Guns: notably Ralf Jones and just any KH and Pokemon characters
  • dual Wielding: lots of it's protagonists loves to dual wields their weapons of choices
  • Dub Name Change: Digimon characters never uses dub names, but Pokemon characters uses english names
  • Duel to the Death: Carl Johnson duels with Tommy Vercetti
  • Dumb muscle: Patrick Star, he is also higy pacifist
  • Elite Mooks: Illuminati Knight Templars, Anunnaki Anihilators and Vulturites
  • 11th hour Superpower
  • Eldritch Aboniation
  • EMP: blasts from Aunnaki's fabled Enlil's hammer can causes EMP
  • ET Gave us WIFI: one of the reason Illuminati members worships Anunnaki as their gods for Thousands of years
  • Extreme Omnivore: Pacman, when he is sent to eats the entire protagonists only to dies from lead poisoning from eating bullets
  • Fatal Flaw: Nomad tends to underestimates the abilities of the army of 12 even when they are far more formidable than himself
  • Fish out of Temporal water: notably Doomguy and Master Chief
  • Flanderization: Lex Luthor and Hannibal Lecter in this project are more flanderized than Spongebob characters under Paul Tibbit
  • Flying Brick: Master Chief are this as he has upgraded his Mjolnir armor with Anti-Gravity device
  • Friendly sniper: Jarmen Kell, Colonel Burton, Psycho, Nomad, Illuminati Snipers, and Michael Becket
  • Gasmask Mooks: Illuminati Shocktroopers where this is doubled by their Glowing red robotic eyes and Vader Breath and their Suit of Armour are also doubles as Hazmat Suit
  • Gatling Good: Knights Templar Standard Issue Weapon: M134 Minigun that just makes the Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy more sillier.ince they wears powered armor, they uses Minigun as their standard issue weapon
  • God Job: Anunnaki pharaoh Anu is the God of Time and Space since it has it's mind uploaded into Dyson Sphere like construct that at least just bigger than Andromeda galaxy for it's new Physical Body and this is for provides it near fathomless Intellect and it necesarry for mass Interdimensional travel
  • Grey Goo: Anunnaki ichors
  • The Gunslinger: Cho Seung Hui
  • Guns Akimbo: Clark Still and Master Chief takes this Beyond the Impossible
  • The Heartless: both Noises and Heartless themselves are now enhanced by Nanotechnology as  Luciferian Alliance of aliens pets
  • Heavily Armored Mooks: Knights Templar
  • Hollywood Hacking: fully justified and handwaved by Koushiro's powers to manipulates digital technologies with his mind and this is Koushiro's favorite powers
  • Human Popsicle: Walt Disney's cryonics in the one of Iluminati's Military base
  • Human Sacrifice: the Illuminati has practices this for Thousands of Years to this day
  • Humongous Mecha
  • Hyperspace arsenals: both Master Chief, Nomad, and Psycho as well Cyborg Commando GIovanni and Uber Illuminati has Hyperspace arsenals where in Master Chief, Nomad, and Psycho case, their suits uses a technology that allows any physical objects to be stored digitally and internally in their suits
  • I'm A Humanitarian: hinted that any members of Luciferian Alliance of aliens are finds any sapients from different universes are tasty, particuarly humanoid ones given their strictly and indiscriminately Carnivorous diets as their IQ levels are gas guzzler for nutritions
  • Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy: despite the sophisticated high-tech arsenals of Illuminati and even utterly better weapons of Anunnaki, they are still fell victims to this trope
  • Implacable Man: the Grox, especially after transformed into Groxotron due to mutation from exposure into both experimental Anunnaki Nanotechnology and Allspark Shard radiation
  • Informed Ability: both the Illuminati and Anunnaki armies are very powerful due to better technologies, but Illuminati technologies are undeniably still far less advanced thn Anunnaki technologies.
  • Instant Death Bullet: Cho Seung Hui's handcannons
  • It Got worse
  • Kill Sat: Rods from God, Particle cannon, and Magnetic Satellite
  • Killed off for real: all the bad guys in this movie as well Hannah Montana, High School Musical kids, Jonas Brothers, Twilight Characters, Justin Bieber, and the like. plus undead Michael Jackson(he must be very happy because the Iluminati has disolved) and Walt Disney(he is also very happy of this) in the end of this movie
  • Light the Way: Hikari and Takeru powers
  • Limit Break: many of the major casts of this movie are loves to peforms Limit Break-type attacks from Bartman and Robin(co-op moves of both Bart Simpson and Robin that pays homage to Batman and Robin), Trinity Limit plus(same as classic Trinity limit except it also involves Riku and kairi), Doomsday Punch(co-op moves of Ash, Misty, Tracey, and Melody where it has suficient power to destroys even Epic Units), Maximum Darkness(Riku x Raven combo moves), Tranquility of light(Sora, Kairi, Takeru,and Hikari co-op limit), and so on
  • Lizard People: the Anunnaki of course
  • Living Macguffin: Plankton Himself
  • Loads and Loads of characters
  • Man in the Machine: Shocktroopers of course, since they are terminally ill patients that sprited away from hospitals all over the world in their vegetative states where they fakes their death first whilst their memories of previous lives are fully erased before placed in the dark suit of mechanical armor that runs on nuclear energy(also for their life support systems)
  • Mass Teleport: Anunnaki primary method of deployments as this technology makes even orbital drop look like arowheads
  • Mayaincatec: 2012 phenomenon of course which causes countless universes(including Real World) merges each other
  • Mecha mooks: Foster Miller T.A.L.O.N. S.W.O.R.D.S. and Illuminati bipedal mechas are fills this role
  • Mechanical Lifeforms: the Anunnaki and their vehicles are qualifies, as their cyborg nanotechology are combines their organic flesh with mechanical technology in celluar-molecular level
  • Mega Crossover: taken up to eleven and this is the main theme of this movie of course
  • The Messiah: Spongebob of course
  • the Mothership: Illuminati TR-3B Astra and Aunnaki's shem Capital Ship(that can shapeshifts into Giant robot)
  • Miss Fanservice: discused that Starfire and Fio are rants that they tired to become sex object for their fans
  • Nanotechnology: the Anunnaki empire are uses this technology extensively in just everything that they uses
  • Nigh Invulnerability: both Spongebob and Patrick are nigh Invulnerable, unless when they are confronted with Flame Weaponry, Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, and Nanite Weaponry, and Energy Weapons
  • Night of the Living Mooks: zombies of course(as homage to the World War Z) with a slightly overpowered Nanosuit Zombies
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: Gasmask-clad Robot Nazi Black Knight Sadomasochist soldier with handhheld rifle-sized Autocannons, NBC sprayer, FGM-148 Javelin, Vader's breath, and Darth Vader-like voice.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: THe Anunnaki in General
  • Omnidisclipinary Scientist: Sandy Cheeks, Adam Jensen, and Lex Luthor
  • One Man Army: most of the protagonists in this movie are individually One Man Army
  • Our Souls Are Different: applies literally to Plankton, as he is the only ones that holds the right soul that Anunnaki Pharaoh Anu needs to become complete being, that's why the Anunnaki armies will stops at nothing to claims Plankton
  • People Jars
  • Powered Armor: Knights Templar's Chobham Suit as well Master Chief, Nomad, and Psycho
  • Rare Guns: XM8
  • Rasputinian Death: justified and Exaggerated as any Anunnaki can survies even the most fatal of injuries including both Headshots and Decapitation for indefinitely because of their modular and decentralized nervous system from their Nanotechnology implant
  • Real Robot: Illuminati's mechas that also doubles as mecha mooks, and just every single Anunnaki's truly ground bound vehicles
  • Red one and Blue oni: applies to Taichi and Yamato as usual
  • reference Overdosed: In Addition of mega crossovers of course
  • Scary Dogmatic Aliens: luciferian Alliance of aliens where their philosophy are all about Intellect and Greed
  • Sci-fi versus Fantasy
  • Self Fullfilling Prophecy: When Plankton unleashes his own Secret Plan: merging himself with Apocalymon in order to becomes physical god with near-bottomless amounts of Superpowers and ability to absobs anything that it touches for it's abilities(all of his new superpowers are this Digimon) to fights off the Anunnakis after they killed everyone else except Squidward, Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob, Patrick, Plankton, Larry the Lobster, Sandy, Pearl, and Mrs. Puff only to accidently absorbs Anunnaki Pharaoh Anu amongst many other things and fulfills the archaic prophecy that once fulfilled, it can leaves everything FUBAR as Anunnaki Pharaoh Anu become complete being
  • The singularity: the Luciferian Allliance of Aliens has experienced this for billions of years
  • The Spartan Ways: Uber Illuminati origin
  • Spiritual Sequel: this movie is the Spiritual sequel to the Scary Movie series
  • The Spock: every single members of Luciferian Alliance of Aliens are fits into this albeit they doubled it with their Greedy and ultra Violent attitudes
  • Suficiently advanced Alien: the Anunnaki of course where their technologies are can makes even PS6, XBOX1440, Iron Man's Suit, Teen Titans' Cyborg and his technologies, Particle Cannon uplinks, SVW-001 Slug Gunner, BFG-9000, and the like(including even Dark age of Technology-era equipments) looks like Arowheads
  • Superhuman Intelligence: most of the members of Luciferian Alliance of Aliens are thousands times smarter than Einstein and the Anunnaki themselves, which being dominant species in the Luciferian Alliance of Aliens are can makes even Reed Richards looks like some lower animal in term of Intelligence Level and Anunnaki Godharaoh Anu are have near-fathomless amount of IQ since it uses Quasar-powered Matrioshka Brain as it's body
  • Super Weight:
  1. Type -1: Shocktroopers(Sans Armor), Syndrome from the Incredibles, most characters from Happy Tree Friends(they also fits into Type 0)
  2. Type 0: Lex Luthor, Plankton(he also fits into type 2), Max Maple, Comic Book Guy
  3. Type 1: P.F. Squad(barring Leona Heidern, though Ralf and Clark are also borders on type 2), Nomad(Sans Nanosuit), Psycho(Sans Nanosuit), Flippy(also qualifies for Type 2), Illuminati Mooks, Emile Danko(sans Nanosuit), ACME Mooks(sans their suits), Imperial Guardsmen, Commander Shadowsun, Tean Fortress 2 mercenaries, Hannibal lecter(minus suit), Bartman(he's also counts as type 2), Kaoru Koganei, Robin(borders on type 2 in sheer power levels), Pokemon trainers(minus Ash, before they got their power-ups), the Mole(also fits type 2), Anton Chigurh, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Mario brothers(minus Powerups), Shinsengumi warriors(civilian form)
  4. Type 2: Spongebob Characters, Ash Ketchum(before getting his power up), Leona Heidern, Beast Boy, Adam Jensen, Buddhist Monkey, Evil Flippy, Unmorphed rangers with civilian powers, Goofy(technically he's type 1), Tracey Sketchit(when he has precog powers), Miles "Tails" Prower(without chaos emeralds), Amy Rose(barring Chaos Emeralds), Cream the Rabbit(barring Chaos Emeralds), Summon characters in General, Rouge the Bat, Michael Becket
  5. Type 3: Adam Jensen(when he deploys Retractable Exosuit), Twilight Sparkle, Powered-up Pokemon Trainers, Blaze the Cat, TWEWY casts, Donald Duck, Digidestined(human form, also borders on type 4), Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, anyone in Powered suits, Master Chief, Dick Simmons, Dexter Griff, Shadow the Hedgehog(borders on type 4), Silver the Hedgehog, Starfire, Raven, Benders, Iji Kataiser, Mario characters with Powerups
  6. Type 4: Biomerged Digidestined(also counts as type 5), Keyblade Wielders, Hiro Nakamura, Space Marines
  7. Type 5: Avatar State Korra, anyone that uses Chaos Emeralds  or Elements of Harmony, Splendid(borders on type 6), ACME Gigazord, CABAL,
  8. Type 6: Anunnaki Generals
  9. Typr 7: *Spoiler*

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