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the Illuminati

Posted by Masonicon on December 22, 2010 at 12:46 AM

The Illuminati is the secret societies of Military-style Techno-religious cult that worships the Anunnaki as their gods and for those that unfamiliar with the Illuminati, here are following information:

Type: Religion, Secret Society, Underground Government, and Military industrial Complex

Leader(s): Adam Weishaupt and Mayer Amschel Rotschild(founder of it's modern incarnations), Prince William(before Plankton Promoted into the Highest Leader of Illuminati), Sheldon Jr. Plankton(after they sets free Plankton from Asylum for the Criminally tiny when they finally has able to travels into his world due to 2012 Phenomenon and he is later promoted into the highest leader of the Illuminati in order to fullfills the eon-old prophecy: where he will merged with Anunnaki Pharaoh Anu)

Commander-in-Chief: Crown Council of 13 and Commite of 300

De Facto Leader: British Royal Family(later succeedded by Sheldon Jr. Plankton)

Affiliation: the Anunnaki(as their gods), Vatican(which gives us flawed Gregorian Calendar), CIA, FBI, DOD, IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserves, Council of Foreign Relations, Club of Rome, the Bildeberg Group, Trilateral Commisions, most(if not all) of Mainstream Media outlets, and most(if not all) of Multinational Corporations as well fad religions like Scientology and the like as it's front plus Ptolemaic army from Metal Slug universe following 2012 phenomenon

Capital/Base: Area 51, Dulce Base, and various Underground bases all over the world(later the main capital city of the Illuminati are moved to Planktopolis 2.0)

Official Language: various(their words are almost always written in Pigpen Cipher)

Emblem: Pyramid/Triangle, Masonic One Eye, Spiders, and Checkered Floor

Colors: Blood Red and Fiery Orange

Area of Operations: Worldwide-few solar systems

History: though their existence and activities are dated back to 10.500 BC(even far earlier) where their alleged activities in the pre-modern era are burning the Library of Alexandria(they hoarding it's knowledge before burning it), modern Illuminati are founded by Adam Weishaupt and Mayer Amschel Rotschild in 1771 AD where since the French revolution to today's War on Terror, they has secretly supplies warring sides with weapons(they has did that in the most(if not all) of Wars and Conflicts throughout history as they are secretly makes mankind killing each other since history began for ritualistic sacrifices to their gods: the Anunnaki and withhelds estoteric knowledges from majority of  people throughout the world in addition of making people killing each other throughout history). in 1914 AD, they stages the assassination of Franz Ferdinand of Austria in order to triggers World War 1 where like most wars and conflicts throughout history, it's casualties are later secretly used as ritualistic tribute for the Anunnaki, World War 2 is no exception when compared to other wars where Illuminati bankers(Rotschilds, Rockefellers, and so on) are secretly funds Hitler to cause World War 2 where this war are also surprisingly become catalyst for the World Government: the United Nations where unlike most(if not all) of of world's nations are adheres to UN rules like don't uses weapons like Cluster bombs, Landmines, Flame Weaponry, and Bio-chem weapons, the Illuminati violates the UN too much, like adopting both Flame Weapons and Bio-chem weaponry as well radioactive weaponry and later Nanotech Weaponry(albeit far too primitive when compared to Anunnaki version of this weapon system) as important part of their arsenals and secretly conducting countless unethical scientific experiments in their (mostly) underground labs amongst many other things like that. in 1947 AD the muclear tests that conducted by USA and the Soviet in that time are releases EMP that makes a Anunnaki spacecraft crashes when they flies around for feeds on WW2 casualties and that crashes are later known as Roswell Incident and notably since that, they are known to reverse engineers alien technologies so their Science are far beyond Conventional Science. throughout cold war era(1945-1990 AD), they are known to supplies both Western and Eastern bloc countries with weapons and other Military Hardwares, conducting both MKULTRA, Montauk Projects, Operation Northwoods, and many projects like that as well causing Vietnam War by stages the Gulf of Tonkin incident, establishes the Club of Rome where they uses to justifies depopulation of the world in the name of "environment" that in fact even when they has removes at least 75% of World's population, they are still continues eco-destruction and they are uses Developed countries(other than any Eastern-bloc countries) to rapes 3rd world countries all over the world out of it's resources by giving their leaders false promise of prosperity, they are also secretly causes plague of AIDS, Ebola, and other diseases like that as well famines where they uses the Media to attributes them to "man-made" Global Warming(where in reality they are more than likely caused by solar activity when the Earth(along the rest of solar system) are getting hotter due to sunspot that happened in the 1979(11 years before this happen again in 1990 where George Bush Senior announces New World Order) and back in these days, it isn't as overhyped as today) instead their dirty hands where they do that in addition of reducing population with their agendas, they are uses the bodies of those that dies in that war and famine to feeds their alien gods, and they has finally constructed the HAARP in order to mind control World's Population and artificially causes 'Natural' Disasters for depopulates World's Population(used in combination of Chemtrails and in conjunction of Nuclear Weapons). following the end of Cold War era, one of the Illuminati top member, George Bush Senior announces the New World Order as following the Cold War era, United States of America are becomes world's sole superpower where in the Globalization era, it affects everything like makes nearly everyone that walks on earth like homogenizing the perception of reality of most people on earth with Mainstream media into like this: "Humans are evolved from Apes just for more than likely perish from Anthropogenic Global Warming and War on Terrorism combined with global Pandemics, Asteroid Impacts, Supervolcano, Gamma Ray Burst, Megatsunami, and Close approach of black hole to solar system before they have any chances to develops Nuclear Fusion, Strong AI, commonplace space travel, and Alternative energy sources(not so mediocre ones) while the very last things that they ever developed before they extinct from Global warming and other mundane disasters are Predator Drone, Biofuel, Hydrogen Fuel cell, wind power, solar power, Digital electronics, and other things like that in the 21st century where they does nothing throughout much of their history, and to make this even more mundane, just almost everything that doesn't seems normal to them are simply never happened throughout the entire history of the Universe".

in the 21st Century, they fabricates 2 threats that later becomes big fat meat of 21st century: Global Warming and Islamic Terrorism where all the solutions that they offers are nothing but justifying Iraq and Afghanistan wars, encourages Islamophobia, Kyoto Protocol, Carbon Tax, "Green" Branding, and not so efficient Renewable Energies by using  George W Bush for Orchestrating September 11 2001 attacks for promoting Irrational Fear of Islamic Terorism and making Al Gore devote himself full-time to the issue some time around 2003 for promoting Irrational Fear of Global Warming where they makes Global Warming and Islamic Terrorism the biggest deal of 21st century and to make this worse, any Natural Disasters(including Plagues like Swine Flu and famines where in fact more than likely isn't caused by Global Warming) are ends up attributed to Global Warming  while any man made disasters are ends up attributed to Islamic Terrorism, further makes people all over the world scared and the Iluminati did this to feeds their Alien(this word isn't always means Extraterrestrials) gods Human Emotion: Fear before they ritualistically sacrifices at least 75% of World's Population in 2012 and additionally, the Iraq and Iran war is mainly for retrieving a pieces of Stargates for helping the Anunnaki to punch the hole through impassable barrier than separates different universes.

After that, when December 21st 2012 is approaching, they are secretly sents their commandos to sets off nukes on both Iran and Israel, ignites the World War 3 where millions of lives are lost and it's casualties are rapidly increasing and finally in December 21st 2012 when the Earth is aligned between Milky Way(from the side of earth that faces the Day) and the unknown distant galaxy where a Galaxy-sized cybernetic Dyson Sphere that used as Throne/Physical body of Anunnaki pharaoh Anu rests(from the side of earth that faces the night), the Illuminati uses HAARP to artificially causes several Natural Disasters that claims billions of lives and this is really invoked Anunnaki aliens to comes to earth and further claims the lives of Billions of world populations, and the Illuminati are further establishes the New World Order. but there's 'side' efffects of this ritual: the Anunnaki's information gathering device that they has placed eons ago in the Earth are makes countless different universes(including those that Anunnaki are unintended to merges each other) merges with the universe where everything that belongs and exists to Real World are here so both Illuminati and Anunnaki are now can travel to different universes with different stargates including those that they get from both Iraq and Iran war and their main goal is: to fullfills the ancient prophecy that if their gods are become complete being again, it will rules everything forever by purges all the worlds and universes from Mortal Lifeforms save for it's worshipers and the rest of it's kind which later they will become Immortal, but the Anunnaki Pharaoh Anu can only become complete being with Right Soul so the Illuminati are decided to travels to the parrallel Universe where Spongebob Characters lives and sets Sheldon Jr. Plankton free from Asylum for the Criminally Tiny as he is surprisingly revealed to the only ones that holds the right soul that Anunnaki pharaoh Anu needs to become complete being.

Ideology: Satanism, Militarism, Capitalism, Nazism, Fascism, Freemasonry, Global Dominance, and Sacrifical Ritual

Military Strength: superior to all of armoed forces from around the world combined into one given their schence and technology are far beyond Conventional Science, consisting mixed arms between both Modern and Futuristic Weaponry and Military Hardware and has space fleet and space based weaponry like Rods from God and Particle Cannon

Economic Strength: superior to all the nations all over the world combined into one since they have most(if not all) of multinational corporations(each one of them are more powerful economies than many nations combined into one)

Political Strength: controlling the entire world by covert means

Subfactions: Knights Templar(Modern Day Descendants of Medieval Knight Templars where their Chobham Suits replaces both Medieval Armor and Horses, their Miniguns replaces Longbows, Their handheld Tank Cannons and Railguns are replaces Crossbows, and their Missile Launchers are replaces pikes), Shocktrooper Corps(an army of terminally ill people that placed in the Bionic suit of armor that looks lot like Darth Vader's armor with glowing red eye and gas mask like faces and since they are can't feel pain, they are tends to be ssadomaschist), Majestic 12(reverse engineers Alien technology for the Illuminati), Freemasonry, and Marked of Antichrist(this subfaction consists exclusively Genetically and Technologically altered Man and Beast)

Military Arsenals(everytime they uses real life military hardwares, they are always upgrading them with better technology and their version of those vehicles comes with different variants): 

Army: 10.000.000 Men


  • Assault Rifles/Carbines: SCAR-L and SCAR-H(Standard Issue weapons of Illuminati Shocktroopers), HK-416, XM8(standard issue weapons for Illuminati Commandos), MR-C, and M8A1 Pulse Rifle(this Rifle is essentially more futuristic version of XM8 that no bigger than Submachine guns, but it's firepower are still in par with high-powered rifles due to it's caseless 5.56-7.62mm rifle rounds and this carbine is the standard issue weapons of Illuminati Regular Soldiers since this weapon combines Assault Rifle's Firepower and Submachine gun's rate of fire into one not to mention this carbine has integral underslung shotgun/grenade launcher that uses Metal Storm technology)
  • Machine Guns: M134 Minigun(standard Issue Weapons of Knight Templars), HK MG4, MK 48, M249 SAW, M240, L86A1, XM8 Automatic rifle, Handheld full-powered M61 Vulcan(Standard Issue weapon of the Uber Illuminati)
  • Submachine Guns: HK UMP .45, Kriss Super V .45, HK MP7, HK MP5, XM8 Compact, P90
  • Handguns: Desert Eagle(.357 Magnum variant are issued to the Men in Blacks and .50 cal variant are issued as sidearms for Commandos and Mercenaries), G18, G17, SOCOM, M9
  • Sniper Rifles: McMillan TAC-50, Barret M82, L86, M110, CheyTac Intervention, XM8 Sharpshooter rifle
  • non-grenade explosive weapons: Bazooka(repeating variant), FGM-148 Javelin(AT Weapons for Shocktroopers, linkless-fed variant are also avaliable for the Knights Templars and the Uber Illuminati variant of this weapon are uses Nuclear Warhead), M68 105 mm Rifled Tank Cannon(handheld and magazine-fed variant for Knight Templars), Rheinmetall 120 mm smoothbore tank gun(handheld and magazine-fed variant for the Uber Illuminati), Metal Storm nuke Grenade Launcher(essentially, this is a Metal Storm automatic grenade launchers that uses Nuclear Grenades as it's rounds)
  • Energy Weapons: Handheld Railguns and Handheld Solid State Laser(exclusively for the Knight Templars and Uber Illuminati), Gauss Rifles, Personal Particle Cannon(arguably the most destructive weapon in the Uber Illuminati's Arsenal), Taser rounds from Shotgun
  • Flame, Bio-chem, and Radioactive weaponry: Flamethrowers(including "Purifying" Flamethrowers for the Uber Illuminati), Handheld Napalm Cannon(it's range are superior to regular flamethrowers as it works by hurling fireballs of Napalm over great distances thought their ranges are costing them rate of fire), Bio-chem Sprayer, Radioactive dust sprayer
  • Melee Weapons: Combat knife and Stun gun(melee weapons for Illuminati soldiers), Katana, Buster Sword(Knights Templars Melee Weapons), Combat Chainsaw(used by Uber illuminati for Close Quarter combat), Tactical Shield(now they can withstands any small arms fire and even explosives), Heavy Shields(can whitstands even APDS rounds fired from High Velocity Railguns and this shield is for the Knight Templars)
  • Grenades: HE Grenade, Frag Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Flashbang Grenade, Incendiary grenade, EMP Grenade, Fuel Air Grenade
  • Vehicles: Humvee(fills the role of Illuminati Anti-personnel scout vehicle that armed with M2 Browning Heavy Machine Gun and MK19 Grenade Machine Gun that loaded exclusively with Frag Grenades), Attack Bike(armed with M134 Miniguns(12.7mm caseless variant that can aim upwards) and Anti Tank and Anti Air Missiles), M1 Abrams(the Illuminati Variant of M1 Abrams has Auto-Load system for it's main guns, advanced sensory technology, 12-cylinder Diesel Engine in place of AGT1500(as diesel engine is surprisingly safer than AGT1500 jet engine because it's exhaust are didn't burning those that takes cover behind M1 Abrams unlike AGT1500 jet engine and as the powerplant for the Illuminati's M1 Abrams, they uses O.R.M.E.-based Room Temperature Superconductor technology in it's Powerplants that vastly increasing it's efficiency), Electromagnetic Armor, all-terrain treads, and since the Illuminati can mounts whatever the weapons that they want as their main guns, some of them are armed with Napalm Cannon, Railgun, High-powered Soild State laser, Nuclear Cannon, or Plasma Accumulator Cannon as their main guns), Stryker(multifunctional Illuminati vehicles that fills the role fo Transports and Light Tanks where it's mobile gun system separates ammunition from it's crew and it's Crew Compartment are airtight(when it's door are closed) and protects it's occupant very well from Nuclear, BIological, Chemical, and Nanotechnological threats and it's Remote Controlled Mobile Gun system are can be mounted with various weapons, usually dual 30mm Autocannons, Dual SAM Launchers, and Dual Lucifer's Breath Flamethrowers), M270 MLRS(the Illuminati variant of M270 uses hover drive in place of it's wheels or treads, making it no longer confined in land and much faster than regular M270), Unmanned Howitzer Cannon, Mammoth Tanks, Foster Miller Talon SWORDS, Illuminati Mechas

Air Force: 2.000.000 Men


  • Helicopters: AH-6 Little Bird(usually armed with 2x 20mm Metal Storm Machine Guns (100(10x10) barreled with each of them has 10 .75cal rounds stacked from nose to tail) in addition of .50 cal machine gun on it's nose), RAH-66 Comanche(comes with various weapons though they are usually armed with XM301 lightweight gun, Hydra Rocket pods(usually loaded with Napalm warheads), and Hellfire missiles as well AAMRAM), UH-75D Shark Antigravity Helicopter(fills the role of UH-60 Blackhawk in the Illuminati Air Forces), CH-53E Super Stallions
  • Tillrotor Aircraft: MV-22 Osprey(the Illuminati variant of V-22 osprey are heavily weaponized and fills the role of CH-47 Chinook)
  • Fixed Wing Aircrafts: F-22 Raptor, F-35 JSF, B-2 Spirit, C-17 Galaxy(the Illuminati variant of this aircraft uses Anti-Gravity propulsion in place of jet engines, allows them to carries loads that can as heavy as M1 Abrams), SR-33 Aurora, TAW-50 orbital bomber, Lockheed-Martin X-33A military spaceplane, TR3-A ’Pumpkinseed’, X-22A antigravity fighter disc
  • Spaceships: Nautilus Spacecraft, TR3-B ’Astra"(Illuminati's Capital Ship)

Navy: 2.000.000 Men


  • Aircraft Carriers: Gerald R. Ford class, Nimitz Class
  • Amphibious assault ships: America Class, Wasp Class
  • Submarines: Ohio Class, Virginia Class, Seawolf Class, Los Angeles Class

  • Cruisers: Ticonderoga Class
  • Destroyers: Arleigh Burke Class, Zumwalt class

Technology: despite their technology level is vastly far more inferior than the Anunnaki, their science and technology are still far beyond conventional science and here's are the sciences and technologies the Illuminati utilizes:

  • Caseless Ammo(allows guns that no bigger than Handguns or Submachine guns achieves firepower in par with High-Powered Rifles)
  • Metal Storm Technology(this technology is essentially several firearm projectile stacked in one barrel along it's propellant)
  • Advanced Robotics(AI controlled or pilot assisted)
  • Missile Weapons Advancements(can lock on Human-sized or smaller moving targets)
  • Military Grade Anti Gravity Technology
  • Military Grade Walker Technology
  • Laser Weapons
  • Nanotechnology(though they are capable of Advanced Nanotechnology, their Nanotechnology are far more primitive than the Anunnaki ones and their uses are far more limited like mind Control)
  • Military Grade Chainsaw Technology
  • Cloning Technology
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Electromagnetic Projectile Weapons
  • Rods from God
  • Strong AI
  • Space Fleet
  • Flame Weaponry(uses White Napalm mixed with ORME, making them more powerful than ever)
  • Portable Nuclear Weapons
  • Advanced Bio-chem weaponry
  • ORME-based Room Temperature Superconductor technology
  • Nuclear Fusion(comes as both Cold Fusion and Hot Fusion)
  • Active Camouflage
  • Cyborgs
  • Scramjets
  • Horus Wands(uses to makes Human Body more resistant to G-force)
  • Jetpacks
  • Illuminati Alchemy(to makes the World's Strongest materials leww expensive)
  • Electromagnetic Armor(makes armored vehicles more resillient than ever)
  • Advanced Computer Technology

Race: Various

Motto: "we are enlightened chosen ones"

Misc: Weakness wouldn't come from itself, if enough of it's sheep slaves are freed, it will dissolves into nothing. the existence of the Illuminati are dates back far earlier than 10.500BC-1770AD. the Illuminati are have superior Technology Level because they has extensive communication with the Anunnaki and hoarding countless knowledges which they all are later kept from the rest of the world

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Reply Joel
10:21 AM on February 24, 2012 
This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard? Are you on drugs? Not just one drug, you must be using a dozen drugs at the same time to think this is a good idea.

Please go see a psychologist.
Reply Masonicon
6:02 PM on February 24, 2012 
Joel says...
This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard? Are you on drugs? Not just one drug, you must be using a dozen drugs at the same time to think this is a good idea.

Please go see a psychologist.

I'm not crazy! this is about major villain in my own movie project