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The Anunnaki

Posted by Masonicon on October 20, 2010 at 5:04 AM

the Anunnaki is the race of reptilian aliens that has predates mankind for eons and for those that unfamiliar with Anunnaki, here are following information:

The Anunnaki

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Vertebrata

Class: Reptilia

Order: Theropoua

Family: Homonidae

Genus/Species: Homo Saurus

Nicknames: Nephilim, Anakim, Rephaim, Djinn, Giants, Titans, Fallen Angels, the Watchers, the Els, the Ari, Elders, Sons of Zadok, Sons of Seth, the Uranids, Cyclopeans, Promethians, Olympians, the Elect, Asuras, the Illies, Fomorians, the Necromancers, Rayless Ones, Bent Ones, the Dogons, Dagons, the Ana, Amaraka, Nagas, the Rakshasas, Dragon Kings, Naddred, the Brotherhood of the Snake, the Serpent People, Djedhi, Tuatha de Dunan, Greys, Reptoids, Draconians, Sun Gods, Homo Futurus, Gog and Magog, Chuck Norris, Vampires

Lifespan: Quasi Immortal(can only died in the unnatural ways, but they always cheats death with Mind Uploading Technology)

Diet: (mostly) Carnivore

reproduction Method: Mass reproduction via Cloning Technology since their people is genderless(this can make them overrun and outnumber their preys)

Method of eating: various(from simply sucks dry Prey's innards to eating with Nanobot in place of their digestive organs)

Body: What do you see here are merely Bio-mechanical suit of armor(with that mainly worn for protecting their breaths from Oxygen as Oxygen is the bane for the Anunnaki) that works lot like Human body with bio-design of veins, organs and other worm like features that a human incorporates in bodily design albeit with ultra sophisticated Nanomechanical parts and Nanoelectronics where each of those Bio-Mechanical suit of armour comes with various modifications, each of them are suited with Anunnaki tasks like unarmored shapeshifting suit for Anunnaki covert Shapeshifters, Armored Suit for Anunnaki Combatants, and so on

Brain: Their brain is very similar to human brain, but Anunnaki brain is lacking Mammalian part of their brains, making them ultra violent despite their superhuman intelligence

Homeworlds: Their world appears to be metallic, cold, manipulative, overpowering, Lifeless and barren, domineering, controlling to the extreme, technological and fascist, without love or joy and with no regard for the free will of other beings. Sounds like a good definition of Hell.

Language: Reptilian/Draconian(sounds lot like Parseltongue albeit with twists of Sumerian, Arabian, Hebrew, and Babylonian words) with Robotic Voices.

Technology Level: Their Science and Technology is 'beyond farthest reaches of imagination(their exact technology level are in par to Xeelee and the like)

Powers: other than superhuman Intelligence, their powers are all come from their Nanotechnology implants and the Exosuit that they wears where some of their powers are: Omnilingualism(from machine translator built on their exosuits), Shapeshifting(from their specialized suits of armor),etc.

Voices: they speaks with Stephen Hawking-esque voices albeit with robotic, demonic, and reptilian twists. Anunnaki shapeshifters can change their voices

History: they has been predates mankind for eons where in the prehistoric times, their leaders are killed, but luckily they all are cheats death by mind uploading technology, where one of their dead bodies are buried in the prehistoric sea that would later in the present day become Bermuda Triangle while another one of them are buried in the place in the Mars that later become Face on Mars, the Ea(the top leader of the Anunnaki empire) gets new body like no other: Cyborg Dyson Sphere type construct that built around supermassive black hole that provides "godly" amount of energy needed to processes near-fathomless amount of information at rate beyond speed of light where that thing are located in the exact opposite from the Earth(especially if the earth itself are aligned with both sun Galactic core of Milky Way), they have around on earth numerous times in the ancient times where Ancient People are too often misinterpret them as Polytheistic gods and they are the basis of the Sun God legend in the Real World where in the Past, they are known as Polytheistic Gods, Fire-Breating Dragons, and Vampires while in the Present Day, they are known as Greys, Reptoids, and Extraterrestrials(not all of Extraterrestrials are one of them)

Founded: Probably 15 Billion of years ago

Genes: Anunnaki's DNA are distinctively triple helix unlike most other known life forms which their DNA is double helix

Population: (estimated) 100000000000 Quadrillions

Blood Type: they have self replicating nanobots flowing in their veins instead any normal Blood cells so everytime they bleeds, they releases self replicating Nanobots known as Grey goo to the environment, and that nanobots are known as Ichor as it can eats through everything that it touches from Inside out

Leader: Anunnaki Pharaoh Anu

Head of State: The Pharaoh

Ideology: Technocracy, Scientism, Materialism, Racism, Transhumanism, Imperialism, Slavery, Trans-Galactic Dominance

Military Strength: Multigalactic-interdimensional scale military force

Economic Strength: Multigalactic-Interdimensional

Political strength: before 2012: spans through billions of galaxies, after 2012: interdimensional

Affiliation: Illuminati, the Grox Empire from Spore, and Demons from Doom series(in Epic X-over movie case) as well Xelee empire

Currency: Unknown(their Nanotechnology implant are also can be used as wallets for their Digital Money)

Area of Operations: several universes and dimensions(particularly after 2012 phenomenon)

Headquarters: varies

Equipments: they wears biosuits that controlled with their electrical impulses(much like their bigger vehicles, this allows them and their vehicles moves, acts, and reacts at speed of thought and beyond), however unlike bigger vehicles, Anunnaki biosuits are provides inadequate protection for pilot's survival in the case of their destruction so when their biosuits are sustains terminal damages, their pilots will dies, and more than often Anunnaki Biosuit's pilot are get's themselves killed even when their biosuits areonly sustains little or no damage as deadly forces are often completely bypasses their biosuits, but their biosuits are equipped with Advanced mind uploading devices that uploads pilot's minds and souls in case of pilot's death so their biosuits can becomes their new body when this happens and once their biosuits(as their new physical body) are sduffers physical destructions, they further cheats death with mind uploading technolohu and here's are types of Anunaki biosuits: Combat Biosuit(Anunnaki's biosuit that clearly designed for combat than most other Anunnaki biosuit, looks lot like Robotic and biomechanical version of Stereotypical devils), Nanogun(often builts in to their Biosuits) that can shapeshifts into any weapons that programmed to it and all forms of technological weapons are can programmed for morph this weapon though most Anunnaki are seems to prefers Energy Weapons to more conventional weapons, Morphing Biosuit(Anunnaki's biosuit that they uses for infiltrating enemies by shapeshifts into any individual where it's components are can mimics even the most complex machines so this allows Anunnaki shapeshifters can even morphs into any Lifeforms that hidden beneath technological suits like Powered exoskeleton clad ones or cyborgs), Flight Biosuit(variant of combat biosuit that allows Anunnaki to fly by advanced Anti-Gravity propulsion), and Uber-Combat Biosuit(much bigger than other Anunnaki biosuits and provides superior protections than other Anunnaki biosuits though not as decent as Anunnaki vehicles)

Companies: Inter-Dimensional Military Industries(this company produces much of Anunnaki weapons and military hardware), Inter-Dimensional Aerospace industries(produces Anunnaki Aircrafts and Spaceships), Inter-Dimensional Energy Industries(dealing with energy), Inter-Dimensional Biotech Industries(Anunnaki's Biotechnology company), and Inter-Dimensional Technologies(This company produces Anunnaki technologies in general)

Technologies: here are the technologies that Anunnaki uses:

  • Nanotechnology(they used it extensively as Applied Phlebotinum in all of their technologies) and it's subatomic analogues: Cyborg Implants that bounds flesh(Biology) with machine(Technology) at cellular-molecular level, Ichor nanomachines that they uses in place of their blood cells
  • Mind Uploading(used extensively for cheating death everytime they dies(they can only dies in unnatural ways given their infinite lifespan due to their ultra-advanced technology level) by transfering thier minds and consciousness as well their lives to their cloned bodies, more advanced form of this technology are used in their biosuits where once the suit's pilot dies, their minds and consciousness as well their lives transfered to their biosuits first as long if their biosuits isn't damaged beyond repair)
  • Advanced Cloning Technology(used for reproduction of Anunnaki species)
  • Ultra-advanced robotics(pilot assisted or AI controlled)
  • Plasma Weaponry(many Anunnaki firearms are Plasma weaponry)
  • VX Technology: special Nanotechnology that used in their transforming vehicles that works by rearranging of nanomachine cells which compromise Anunnaki transforming vehicles entirely by right programming into specific vehicles
  • BIosuits
  • Molecular Assembler
  • Advanced Anti-Gravity Engine
  • Inter-Dimensional Travel
  • Quasar Technology: use of contained Black Hole(Natural(Supermassive Black Hole founds in the Galactic cores or Quasar) or Artificial) as power source that can makes even nuclear fusion power looks like candle flames
  • Enlil's Hammer: Anunnaki's fabled megaweapon that works lot like Independence Day's Laser except when sufficiently powered, it can packs firepower that can dwarfs even Tsar Bomba
  • Mechanized Walker Technology(has no longer have any limitations of more primitive human walker technology anymore)
  • Antimatter Weaponry
  • Fusion Weaponry
  • Energy Blades(energy-based equivalent of bladed weapons)
  • Energy Whips(energy-based equivalent of soft weapons)
  • Force Shield
  • Gravitor(exotic Directed Energy Weapon where it's damage output that it inflicted are proportional to target's weight and mass so the greater the weight and mass of the target, the more damage from this weapon that they suffer)
  • Phasing technology(makes anything that uses this technology intangible)
  • Dyson Spheres: Matrioshka Brains(like those that used as physical body of Anunnaki Pharaoh)
  • Singularity Cannon
  • Advanced Teleportation device
  • Post-Relativistic Kill Vehicle
  • Galaxy Killer(this is essentially Planet Killer on Steroids)



  • Personnels: estimated people
  • Infantry Weapons:
  1. Pistols: Laser Blaster pistol(Anunnaki counterpart of Submachine Guns), Plasma Pistol, Phaser Pistol, Fusion Pistol, Antimatter Pistol, N-666S Satan's Tongue Disassembler Nano(Pistol Variant), Particle Beam Pistol(nerfed version of Particle Beam weapon)
  2. Rifles and Carbines: Pitchfork Laser Blaster Carbine(Anunnaki's Standard Issue Weapons), Plasma Rifle, Phaser Rifle, Beam Fusion Sniper Rifle(Anunnaki's Sniper Rifle), Antimatter Rifle, N-666A Satan's Tongue Disassembler Nano(Rifle Variant), Particle Beam Rifle, Cyclic Fusion Ignition System, Ion Rifle
  3. Melee/CQC Weapons: Beam Saber, Beam Katana, Beam Dagger, Beam Cutlass, Beam Scimitar, Beam Naginata, Beam Whip, Electromagnetic Bolas, Force Shield(Literally indestructible Forcefield as Shield-Type Weapon/Equipment), Resonance Detonator
  4. Grenades and Explosives: Antimatter Charge, Fusion Charge, Singularity Charge, Plasma Charge, Antimatter Grenade, Fusion Grenade, Plasma Grenade, Singularity Grenade
  5. Heavy Weapons: Plasma Cutter, Photon Missile Launchers, Heavy Plasma Rifle, Plasma Splintergun, Laser Blaster Chaingun, Plasma Chaingun, Antimatter Chaingun, Fusion Chaingun, Hand Held Singularity Cannon, Personal Enlil's Hammer
  • Vehicles: Myrmidon Class MBT, Dimensional Transports, Mecha Horus, Revenant, Mobile Singularity Cannon Platform, Terminator Tripod, Serpentron, God-king Lucifer

Navy/Air force

  • Personnels: estimated people
  • Spaceships:
  1. Capital Ship: Shem capital ship
  2. Space Station: Space Citadel
  3. Spacecraft Carrier: Stellar assault Carrier
  4. Flying Saucers
  5. Fixed Wing Aircrafts: Vimana atmospheric fighter, Valixi bomber, Space Manta Fighter
  6. and the list is going on

Average Height: 200-250cm(inside their combat biosuits, may vary when they wears shapeshifting biosuits), 90-130cm (Outside their biosuits)

Average Weight: depends on their biosuits, and nearly weightless when they are outside their biosuits

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