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Mission Accomplished

Posted by Masonicon on February 27, 2013 at 9:35 PM

I has finished writing the installments of My project, you can read the following:

The Spin off: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and undivided (extended) Spin off(more extended Spin-off script are on Google drive)

Countdown to 2012 Series: Mercer goes to Heroesverse, Metal Slug team goes to Multiverse, and Mobians' Journey

The Script of the Actual movie has emailed to someone else and it's top secret

Edit: due to deletion of TVtropes page of this project, I make this video for you

Constructive criticism are welcome for those stories, but no negative comments allowed please

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Reply Austin Farmer
4:32 PM on March 14, 2013 
Stop emailing me or I'm getting a restraining order.

-Austin Farmer
Reply Masonicon
7:31 PM on March 14, 2013 
Mobius 1 says...
I'm not unreasonable, but really, I would call this constructive criicism under normal circumstances except...there's nothing TO construct. At all. There is literally not a single decent or good thing in any of this. This is without question the ABSOLUTE WORST THING I HAVE EVER READ IN MY LIFE. It was so bad I honestly felt like it gave me cancer.

1) Who the hell is Austin Farmer?

2) Your writing style lacks anything remotely resembling tact or maturity. Nobody qualified went over it and edited it. Even ignoring that I understand that you don't exactly have the best grasp on English on the planet, it's still incredibly rushed, lifeless, and stilted.

3) The sheer volume of canon-raping is astonishing. It's as if you were trying to go for some kind of record in OoC-ness. For starters, do you REALLY expect people to buy that Plankton is the head of some society of evil that rules the world and commands vast armies when in the actual show HE CAN'T EVEN STEAL A FUCKING CHEESEBURGER? And the less said of that god-awful "Spongebob is really Jesus" thing, the better.

4) Let's be honest. YOU STILL DIDN'T ACQUIRE PERMISSION TO USE THESE CHARACTERS, DID YOU? And you never will, because no company would look at this idea and want their names attached to it. You won't even get past fucking pre-prodcution with the sheer volume of Cease-n-Desist orders you'll be hammered with. Really, answer me this question you keep blowing off: IS IT REALLY SO HARD TO WRITE YOUR OWN GODDAMN STORY WITH YOUR OWN GODDAMN CHARACTERS? YOU KNOW, LIKE ACTUAL FILMMAKERS ARE SUPPOSED TO DO?

5) You really have no grasp on reality whatsoever and it shows. You're the only person I know who's dumb enough to consider making the most providentially black Space Marine Chapter into ghetto stereotypes as PROOF YOU'RE NOT RACIST (newsflash: THAT INDICATES THE EXACT OPPOSITE YOU IDIOT), you apparently think Gagnam Style will be relevant forever and NOT horribly dated in a few years, and you still can't see how hamfisted and out-of-context references to 9/11 and the Virgina Tech Massacre could POSSIBLY offend ANYONE (newsflash: this whole "9/11 WAS REEEEEAAAALLY BY THE ILLUMINATI ALL ALONG UGAIZ LIEK SRSLY" crap you keep shoving down our throats is not only a bunch of crap, IT'S COMPLETELY DISRESPECTFUL TO EVERYONE WHO DIED THAT DAY AND THEIR FAMILIES). It's like it's all a fucking game to you.

Good day sir.

1. he's the one that Jacob Turner wants me to emails to realizes my project, though Recently, Austin tells me to stops emails him because I spams him due to my impatience

2. If you're insists my writing style sucks no matter how decent it is, do you say Conspiracy Theorists in general have terrible writing and grammar?

3. this is the sequel for the Spongebob Squarepants movie so Plankton successfully got Krabby Patty Formula by perfected version of Plan Z(which did by outside help from evil secret society)

4. sometimes, writing original story from scratch with original characters can compartmentalizes me

5. if you're insists that I have no grasp of Reality just because I follows Conspiracy Theories and other 'fringe' subjects, do you say that grasping reality you mean believes in mainstream views like: we're the only sapients that exists in the whole universe, Islamic Terrorism and Global Warming are our main threats, and so on(including believes in issues such as Abortion, Gun rights, Drugs, PETA, Racism, and so on). and just because there's references to 9/11 and Virginia Tech, I'm respecting those(since I know the Illuminati is the real cause of those tragedies). also the black Space Marine chapter are also the only thing that keeps people from 40k from shooting civilians and just because I features that Black Space Marine chapter, I'm not a Racist. as well there's Sociopathic Racist among the villains in my project

6. looks like you want to turns me into another sheeple, and trust me, I'm not Chris-Chan! plus, if you're still hate me no matter how decent my work is, you can call me Matt Ward 2.0 instead
Reply Masonicon
9:51 PM on March 14, 2013 
Austin Farmer says...
Please do not try to do business with me again.

-Austin Farmer

Yeah! and I'm sorry too much for spamming you
Reply Mobius 1
10:05 PM on March 14, 2013 
And now you've deleted those comments that outright contradict that bullshit you've been trying to shove down our throats. Yeah, that's fucking mature of you. Can't handle anything that challenges your view of the world? GET RID OF IT!
Reply Masonicon
8:06 PM on March 20, 2013 
Mobius 1 says...
And now you've deleted those comments that outright contradict that bullshit you've been trying to shove down our throats. Yeah, that's fucking mature of you. Can't handle anything that challenges your view of the world? GET RID OF IT!

looks like you're come from HTF Social, and what's your HTF Social page? and I think you bashes me and my project for this reason: you dislikes Crossovers and Conspiracy Theories just like the rest of people in HTF Social