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Posted by Masonicon on June 2, 2013 at 7:20 PM

Here's the Change logs of this project since this is 4th year anniversarry of this project:

  • it started out as the prototype(written in 2009/early 2010), then by the time The Deviantart group for handling this project is founded, I also writes this on Newgrounds and indietalk where either is later rewritten into script(which takes me forever literally)
  • mid 2010: Dropped Al Qaeda terrorists(among many other things) from Prototype when I develops the Prototype into Ani-Toonspiracy in order to make this crossover project works as well I also added Melody from Pokemon 2000 to this project. oh yeah, I also found this website to hosting Ani-Toonspiracy Project and I started writing the script(which takes me forever literally) as well I also makes the Powers that Simpsons family in this project uses based on the Simpsons Game versions of themselves
  • Early to mid-2011: I crossovers the Mummy Trilogy and Jurassic park in this project. then ever since Flippythekiller of Deviantart asks me to put his selt insert OC in my project, I asks him instead to writes Spin-off to crossovers more universes with my project: Happy Tree Friends, Mario, Sonic, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and Warhammer 40000 as well bunch of others. and ACME Corporation are reimagined into Mega Corporation that practices Extreme Racism against Non-regular Human Life and ran by Complete Monsters(that mostly flanderizations of Lex Luthor and Hannibal Lecter)
  • Late 2011: Writes first installment of Countdown to 2012 trilogy: it's about Alex Mercer ends up eating Everyone in Heroes universe that aren't Hiro Nakamura or Emile Danko. and I makes TVtropes page of this project(only to later deleted by TVtropes mods)
  • July 2012: writes second installments of the Countdown to 2012 Trilogy: it's about what Metal Slug characters doing before they teams up with protagonists of The Ultimate Crossover Movie(and it's Spin-off)
  • September 2012: finished writing the Script
  • November 2012: Writes the Spin-off for myself since Flippythekiller can't write anything
  • December 2012: writes the third and final installments of the Countdown to 2012 trilogy: it's about what Sonic characters doing before their adventures in the Spin-off
  • January 2013: Makes petition for boycotting 2014 Spongebob movie in favor of this project
  • March 2013: shortly after I got reply from Austin Farmer(since he tired of getting spammed by me out of my impatience), I got attacked by a guy(whose HTFSocial name is Dave and known as Innocentdarkside elsewhere) that from rotten Chatroom of HTF Social and/or TVtropes(where resulting Flame War further makes Austin Farmer refuses to helps me)
  • April 2013: makes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwfsD-hNZ0c" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Hitler Rant Parody video as response of the deletion of TVtropes page of this project
  • May-june 2013: finally, I has got someone that (hopefully) can at least visualizes my project, let alone bring my project into life
  • July 2013: Launches Indiegogo campaign page of this project, as well posts some concept arts to this site
  • September 2013: Posts more concepts arts to this site
  • October 2013: makes Tropes Mirror Wiki page of this project as well I has found someone to assembles team for working on this project
  • January 2014: posts the First Trailer of this project on Youtube
  • February 2014: Facebook Page of this project founded
  • March-September 2014: Contacts Tom Fulp of Newgrounds to sponsors this Project, also launches Tumblr Page
  • January 2015: makes Patreon page of this project
  • February 2015: launch donation campaign as another possible alternative to make this project live from anything except sponsorship
  • Late 2015: has found someone that can covers the cost of this Project where he covers the cost of proof-reading of the project's script in order to put this project into Serious Development phase
  • 2016: some updates as well posting fanon wiki entry
  • 2017: got attacked by someone for the same reason InnocentDarkside does, but on the worse extent
  • now I has found someone that can visualizes this project, not to mention there's updates like Anunnaki being Sapients that shares the world with Dinosaurs that when Dinosaurs goes Extinct from War in Heaven, the Anunnaki spread all over the Multiverse as well Anu's ascension(that cost it's hearts and souls). not to mention other updates

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