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Posted by Masonicon on June 2, 2013 at 7:20 PM

Here's the Change logs of this project since this is 4th year anniversarry of this project:

  • it started out as the prototype(written in 2009/early 2010), then by the time The Deviantart group for handling this project is founded, I also writes this on Newgrounds and indietalk where either is later rewritten into script(which takes me forever literally)
  • mid 2010: Dropped Al Qaeda terrorists(among many other things) from Prototype when I develops the Prototype into Ani-Toonspiracy in order to make this crossover project works as well I also added Melody from Pokemon 2000 to this project. oh yeah, I also found this website to hosting Ani-Toonspiracy Project and I started writing the script(which takes me forever literally) as well I also makes the Powers that Simpsons family in this project uses based on the Simpsons Game versions of themselves
  • Early to mid-2011: I crossovers the Mummy Trilogy and Jurassic park in this project. then ever since Flippythekiller of Deviantart asks me to put his selt insert OC in my project, I asks him instead to writes Spin-off to crossovers more universes with my project: Happy Tree Friends, Mario, Sonic, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and Warhammer 40000 as well bunch of others. and ACME Corporation are reimagined into Mega Corporation that practices Extreme Racism against Non-regular Human Life and ran by Complete Monsters(that mostly flanderizations of Lex Luthor and Hannibal Lecter)
  • Late 2011: Writes first installment of Countdown to 2012 trilogy: it's about Alex Mercer ends up eating Everyone in Heroes universe that aren't Hiro Nakamura or Emile Danko. and I makes TVtropes page of this project(only to later deleted by TVtropes mods)
  • July 2012: writes second installments of the Countdown to 2012 Trilogy: it's about what Metal Slug characters doing before they teams up with protagonists of The Ultimate Crossover Movie(and it's Spin-off)
  • September 2012: finished writing the Script
  • November 2012: Writes the Spin-off for myself since Flippythekiller can't write anything
  • December 2012: writes the third and final installments of the Countdown to 2012 trilogy: it's about what Sonic characters doing before their adventures in the Spin-off
  • January 2013: Makes petition for boycotting 2014 Spongebob movie in favor of this project
  • March 2013: shortly after I got reply from Austin Farmer(since he tired of getting spammed by me out of my impatience), I got attacked by a guy(whose HTFSocial name is Dave and known as Innocentdarkside elsewhere) that from rotten Chatroom of HTF Social and/or TVtropes(where resulting Flame War further makes Austin Farmer refuses to helps me)
  • April 2013: makes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwfsD-hNZ0c" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Hitler Rant Parody video as response of the deletion of TVtropes page of this project
  • May-june 2013: finally, I has got someone that (hopefully) can at least visualizes my project, let alone bring my project into life
  • July 2013: Launches Indiegogo campaign page of this project, as well posts some concept arts to this site
  • September 2013: Posts more concepts arts to this site
  • October 2013: makes Tropes Mirror Wiki page of this project as well I has found someone to assembles team for working on this project
  • January 2014: posts the First Trailer of this project on Youtube
  • February 2014: Facebook Page of this project founded
  • March-September 2014: Contacts Tom Fulp of Newgrounds to sponsors this Project, also launches Tumblr Page
  • January 2015: makes Patreon page of this project
  • February 2015: launch donation campaign as another possible alternative to make this project live from anything except sponsorship
  • Late 2015: has found someone that can covers the cost of this Project where he covers the cost of proof-reading of the project's script in order to put this project into Serious Development phase
  • 2016: some updates as well posting fanon wiki entry
  • now I has found someone that can visualizes this project

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