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Change Log

Posted by Masonicon on June 2, 2013 at 7:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Here's the Change logs of this project since this is 4th year anniversarry of this project:

  • it started out as the prototype(written in 2009/early 2010), then by the time The Deviantart group for handling this project is founded, I also writes this on Newgrounds and indietalk where either is later rewritten into script(which takes me forever literally)
  • mid 2010: Dropped Al Qaeda terrorists(among many other things) from Prototype when I develops the Prototype into Ani-Toonspiracy in order to make this crossover project works as well I also added Melody from Pokemon 2000 to this project. oh yeah, I also found this website to hosting Ani-Toonspiracy Project and I started writing the script(which takes me forever literally) as well I also makes the Powers that Simpsons family in this project uses based on the Simpsons Game versions of themselves
  • Early to mid-2011: I crossovers the Mummy Trilogy and Jurassic park in this project. then ever since Flippythekiller of Deviantart asks me to put his selt insert OC in my project, I asks him instead to writes Spin-off to crossovers more universes with my project: Happy Tree Friends, Mario, Sonic, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and Warhammer 40000 as well bunch of others. and ACME Corporation are reimagined into Mega Corporation that practices Extreme Racism against Non-regular Human Life and ran by Complete Monsters(that mostly flanderizations of Lex Luthor and Hannibal Lecter)
  • Late 2011: Writes first installment of Countdown to 2012 trilogy: it's about Alex Mercer ends up eating Everyone in Heroes universe that aren't Hiro Nakamura or Emile Danko. and I makes TVtropes page of this project(only to later deleted by TVtropes mods)
  • July 2012: writes second installments of the Countdown to 2012 Trilogy: it's about what Metal Slug characters doing before they teams up with protagonists of The Ultimate Crossover Movie(and it's Spin-off)
  • September 2012: finished writing the Script
  • November 2012: Writes the Spin-off for myself since Flippythekiller can't write anything
  • December 2012: writes the third and final installments of the Countdown to 2012 trilogy: it's about what Sonic characters doing before their adventures in the Spin-off
  • January 2013: Makes petition for boycotting 2014 Spongebob movie in favor of this project
  • March 2013: shortly after I got reply from Austin Farmer(since he tired of getting spammed by me out of my impatience), I got attacked by a guy(whose HTFSocial name is Dave and known as Innocentdarkside elsewhere) that from rotten Chatroom of HTF Social and/or TVtropes(where resulting Flame War further makes Austin Farmer refuses to helps me)
  • April 2013: makes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwfsD-hNZ0c" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Hitler Rant Parody video as response of the deletion of TVtropes page of this project
  • May-june 2013: finally, I has got someone that (hopefully) can at least visualizes my project, let alone bring my project into life
  • July 2013: Launches Indiegogo campaign page of this project, as well posts some concept arts to this site
  • September 2013: Posts more concepts arts to this site
  • October 2013: makes Tropes Mirror Wiki page of this project as well I has found someone to assembles team for working on this project
  • January 2014: posts the First Trailer of this project on Youtube
  • February 2014: Facebook Page of this project founded
  • March-September 2014: Contacts Tom Fulp of Newgrounds to sponsors this Project, also launches Tumblr Page
  • January 2015: makes Patreon page of this project
  • February 2015: launch donation campaign as another possible alternative to make this project live from anything except sponsorship
  • Late 2015: has found someone that can covers the cost of this Project where he covers the cost of proof-reading of the project's script in order to put this project into Serious Development phase
  • 2016: some updates as well posting fanon wiki entry
  • 2017: got attacked by someone for the same reason InnocentDarkside does, but on the worse extent
  • now I has found someone that can visualizes this project, not to mention there's updates like Anunnaki being Sapients that shares the world with Dinosaurs that when Dinosaurs goes Extinct from War in Heaven, the Anunnaki spread all over the Multiverse as well Anu's ascension(that cost it's hearts and souls) into Galactic-wide network of Matrioshka brains. not to mention other updates(including Koganei accompanied with Recca, Fuko, Mikagami, and Domon instead of being sole survivor of Alex Mercer's invasion to FoR universe)

Mission Accomplished

Posted by Masonicon on February 27, 2013 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (5)

I has finished writing the installments of My project, you can read the following:

The Spin off: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and undivided (extended) Spin off(more extended Spin-off script are on Google drive)

Countdown to 2012 Series: Mercer goes to Heroesverse, Metal Slug team goes to Multiverse, and Mobians' Journey

The Script of the Actual movie has emailed to someone else and it's top secret

Edit: due to deletion of TVtropes page of this project, I make this video for you

Constructive criticism are welcome for those stories, but no negative comments allowed please

facts and spin-off

Posted by Masonicon on September 11, 2012 at 2:05 AM Comments comments (6)

here's some facts about this project:

  1. originally, all the main characters from TV's Heroes(not just Hiro Nakamura) are members of the protagonist of this movie project, but all of them save for Hiro Nakamura are cut(back at the time where cut, this movie only spoofs and crossovers animated media), but since it's about to spoofs and crossovers everything, everyone in Heroesverse that aren't Hiro Nakamura or Emile Danko are eaten by Alex Mercer at least until Messiah!Spongebob defeats Plankton
  2. originally, Master Chief is supposed to be dies before the remaining protagonists reaches the Planktopolis 2.0, but changed into this: instead of killed by human-pokemon hybrid, Master Chief got killed by Supersoldier that once known as Giovanni
  3. originally, this project is to revives these film genres: Spoof film and 2d animated film, but it manages to ends up as mega-crossover(at extreme) movie with Conspiracy Theories

and ever since Flippythekiller from Deviantart asked me to put his Self insert in my project, I tells him to write a spin-off where it's basically Self Insert fic for crossovers Happy Tree Friends, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Sonic, Mario, Warhammer 40000, and others(including even Power Rangers, Angry Birds, and Portal) with my own movie project as spin-off for my own movie project since crossover between everything are still too big to fit in actual movie alone

Edit: more facts: the Lex Luthor that appears in this project are initially from Animated Teen Titans Universe only to changed from that into this(given his massive flanderization of his character): he's hails from unknown universe from DC Comics Multiverse(where he shares his home universe with Hannibal Lecter)

Edit 2: even more facts, when the Spin-off crossovers A:TLA franchise for this project, we decided to use THe Legends of Korra to represents it's universe likely due to Ani-Toonspiracy's maker soft spot with Modern/Futuristic tech and that's even before the very first episode of Legends of Korra airs anywhere

Updates of this movie

Posted by Masonicon on August 9, 2011 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (14)

It's over a Year since I'm writing script for this movie project, and I has be thinking alot over a year by adding lot of new characters and things to the movie that I writing:


CABAL from Command and Conquer series(used to replaces Karen(as this movie takes place following the event in the Spongebob movie) and Crossovers Command and Conquer in this movie) being Plankton's advisor


Imperial Guard from Warhammer 40k being Sora's summons because they're everyone's favorite Redshirt Army


Are You Smarter than 5th Grader Parody: I'll write this in the part where just before I introduces Master Chief in this movie where Spongebob forced to engage this quiz to freed his friends, where this time, it's question is has to do with Conspiracy Theories


Ash, Misty, Tracey, and Melody escapes from Underground labs(after destroying Giant Metal Slug tanks prototype in their labs with their newfound powers) by stowing away railway after they gets some new powers(in additions of powers based on Pokemon attacks) from their latent magic powers that activated when the Illuminati scientists are about to injects them with nanomachines


Neku, Shiki, Beat, and Rhyme tries to escape ACME-Quarantined Shibuya only to learns terrible truth: Joshua is something before merged with Plankton and Apocalymon in the final battle


Alex Mercer from Prototype consumes everyone that lives in the Hiro Nakamura's native universe as a grey goo


Master Chief curbstomps ACME forces where the human-machine interface of their Powered Exoskeletons comes to play


Iji Kataiser joins main characters of Ultimate Crossover movie in addition of Metal Slug characters, Mystery Inc, FPS Protagonists, and so on


the Illuminati uses Rods From God on escaping Army of 12


Simpsons Family rescuing remaining Springfield Townspeople fro FEMA camps


Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald, and Goofy rescues Mickey Mouse from one of Illuminati Military base where they are being held


Sora gets Rick Astley, Scooby Doo, Mars People from Metal Slug, Hyakutaro, and Glen Acchilles as his new summons


following the death of Miley Cyrus, Mickey Mouse is ordered to return into Disney Fortress


when teleporting the remaining good guys to the Planktopolis 2.0 due to Tommy Vercetti's Betrayal. Taichi, Yamato, Sora(Digimon), Mimi, Koushiro, Joe, Takeru, Hikari, Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, Ash, Misty, Tracey, Melody, Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald, and Goofy are unexpectedly lands in the place known as the Reality Engine as they travels through hyperspace with Raven's powers, this causes everyone else that teleported landed in the random place not far from Planktopolis 2.0, and this makes Taichi, Yamato, Sora(Digimon), Mimi, Koushiro, Joe, Takeru, Hikari, Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, Ash, Misty, Tracey, Melody, Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald, and Goofy confronts Will Wright which threaten to destroys their 8-bit selves as he destroys old Video game consoles due to the Anunnaki technologies can makes even PS6 and XBOX 1440 looks like arrowheads, lets alone 8-bit game consoles.

Tropes for this Project

Posted by Masonicon on February 11, 2011 at 4:45 AM Comments comments (3)

Here's are the tropes for this movie so far:

  • 20 minutes into Future: Iluminati's near-futuristic technology levels
  • 24 Hour Armor: Illuminati shocktroopers and most Anunnaki combatants
  • Abnormal ammo: Guns that fires molecule-thick disc of superheated plasma that literally hotter than sun and can slices through anything that they hits? check. Guns that sprays radioactive dust? check. Guns that sprays swarms of Carnivorous Nanobots that also feeds it's user, especially when it's users are uses nanotechnology? check. Guns that fires burning globs of napalm? check. Flamethrowers that fires Ionized Napalm? Check.
  • Abusing The Kardashev Scale For Fun And Profit: The Anunnaki empire aka Luciferian alliance of Aliens are at least low type 4 Civilization
  • alien blood: Anunnaki themselves are bleeds Ichor(nanomachines that used for their bloods in place of Normal being's blood cells)
  • A God Am I: where Plankton gets bottomles amounts of Superpowers by merging himself with a Digimon named Apocalymon, also applies to Anunnaki Pharaoh Anu
  • Alien Invasion
  • Agent Mulder: Spongebob
  • Agent Scully: Squidward and Mr Krabs(at the begining of this movie)
  • All Gays are Pedophiles: Nomad from Crysis played it fairly straight
  • All Myths are True: subverted
  • All Stories are Real Somewhere:
  • All Theories are True: also subverted like above where many currently acepted theories are False
  • All Your base are belong to us: when the remaining Protagonists of this movie takes over Planktopolis
  • Always Chaotic Evil: the Anunnaki empire(now known as Luciferian Alliance of Aliens)
  • Ancient Astronauts
  • Ancient Conspiracies
  • Anyone Can Die by the time where Spongebob and his friends finally reaches Plankton's hideout, Anunnaki armies has killed everyone else save for Spongebob major characters and Marked of Karen Cyborgs
  • Area 51: based on it's real life counterparts where it holds tons after tons after tons of Cutting Edge Technologies that kept under wraps
  • Armies are Evil: applies to both Illuminati and Anunnaki
  • Back from the Dead
  • Badass: all the potagonists
  • Badass Army: applies mainly to the main characters as the protagoists of this movie are highly numerous
  • BFG: fair amounts of Illuminati and Anunnaki firearms are BFG
  • BFS: Knights Templar melee weapons
  • Big Bad: Anunnaki Pharaoh Anu
  • Bizarre Alien Biology: Starfire plays this as usual mostly for dealing with stuffs and things that requires Hazmat Suits, Gasmasks, or Spacesuits
  • Black Knight: Shocktroopers
  • Bloodless Carnage
  • Body Horror: Anunnaki's Chupacabras
  • Brain Uploading: the Anunnaki(S) are loves to uses this technology extensively to cheats death
  • The Brute: Anunnaki Anihilator Enki, Cyborg Commando Giovanni
  • Canon Welding continuities from Numerous fandoms from Spongebob and Simpsons to several others are merged, particularly following the canonically very last events that happened in my own fandoms
  • Character development lots
  • Cloning blues: Anunnaki's primary method of reproduction
  • Cold Sniper: Illuminati Snipers
  • Combat Tentacles: Squidward's weapon of choice where he uses his Tentacle arms and legs for whipping his enemies
  • Cool Planes: Illuminati's F-22 Raptors, F-35 JSFs, and Anunnaki's Vimana, Valixi, and Space Manta Fighters
  • Conspiracy Theories is Truth In Television while MSM and Academics isn't Truth in Television: main parody targets when crossovering and Parodying Real Life
  • Cosmic Horror: Luciferian Alliance of Aliens
  • Crossover Cosmology: just any Real Life polytheistic gods are the high-ranking members of the Anunnaki species
  • Crossover Ship: from Koushiro Izumi x Sandy Cheeks, Tarma x Tracey Sketchit, Beast Boy x Mimi Tachikawa, Karen the Computer wife x Giovanni, to the name of few
  • Deader than dead Villain Sue: Plankton, after Spongebob Narrowly defeats him, where he rules the realm where the dead people goes thanks to being merged with Anunnaki Pharaoh Anu
  • Demonic Spiders; Anunnaki revenants
  • Deus Ex Machina
  • Doesn't like Guns: notably Ralf Jones and just any KH and Pokemon characters
  • dual Wielding: lots of it's protagonists loves to dual wields their weapons of choices
  • Dub Name Change: Digimon characters never uses dub names, but Pokemon characters uses english names
  • Duel to the Death: Carl Johnson duels with Tommy Vercetti
  • Dumb muscle: Patrick Star, he is also higy pacifist
  • Elite Mooks: Illuminati Knight Templars, Anunnaki Anihilators and Vulturites
  • 11th hour Superpower
  • Eldritch Aboniation
  • EMP: blasts from Aunnaki's fabled Enlil's hammer can causes EMP
  • ET Gave us WIFI: one of the reason Illuminati members worships Anunnaki as their gods for Thousands of years
  • Extreme Omnivore: Pacman, when he is sent to eats the entire protagonists only to dies from lead poisoning from eating bullets
  • Fatal Flaw: Nomad tends to underestimates the abilities of the army of 12 even when they are far more formidable than himself
  • Fish out of Temporal water: notably Doomguy and Master Chief
  • Flanderization: Lex Luthor and Hannibal Lecter in this project are more flanderized than Spongebob characters under Paul Tibbit
  • Flying Brick: Master Chief are this as he has upgraded his Mjolnir armor with Anti-Gravity device
  • Friendly sniper: Jarmen Kell, Colonel Burton, Psycho, Nomad, Illuminati Snipers, and Michael Becket
  • Gasmask Mooks: Illuminati Shocktroopers where this is doubled by their Glowing red robotic eyes and Vader Breath and their Suit of Armour are also doubles as Hazmat Suit
  • Gatling Good: Knights Templar Standard Issue Weapon: M134 Minigun that just makes the Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy more sillier.ince they wears powered armor, they uses Minigun as their standard issue weapon
  • God Job: Anunnaki pharaoh Anu is the God of Time and Space since it has it's mind uploaded into Dyson Sphere like construct that at least just bigger than Andromeda galaxy for it's new Physical Body and this is for provides it near fathomless Intellect and it necesarry for mass Interdimensional travel
  • Grey Goo: Anunnaki ichors
  • The Gunslinger: Cho Seung Hui
  • Guns Akimbo: Clark Still and Master Chief takes this Beyond the Impossible
  • The Heartless: both Noises and Heartless themselves are now enhanced by Nanotechnology as  Luciferian Alliance of aliens pets
  • Heavily Armored Mooks: Knights Templar
  • Hollywood Hacking: fully justified and handwaved by Koushiro's powers to manipulates digital technologies with his mind and this is Koushiro's favorite powers
  • Human Popsicle: Walt Disney's cryonics in the one of Iluminati's Military base
  • Human Sacrifice: the Illuminati has practices this for Thousands of Years to this day
  • Humongous Mecha
  • Hyperspace arsenals: both Master Chief, Nomad, and Psycho as well Cyborg Commando GIovanni and Uber Illuminati has Hyperspace arsenals where in Master Chief, Nomad, and Psycho case, their suits uses a technology that allows any physical objects to be stored digitally and internally in their suits
  • I'm A Humanitarian: hinted that any members of Luciferian Alliance of aliens are finds any sapients from different universes are tasty, particuarly humanoid ones given their strictly and indiscriminately Carnivorous diets as their IQ levels are gas guzzler for nutritions
  • Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy: despite the sophisticated high-tech arsenals of Illuminati and even utterly better weapons of Anunnaki, they are still fell victims to this trope
  • Implacable Man: the Grox, especially after transformed into Groxotron due to mutation from exposure into both experimental Anunnaki Nanotechnology and Allspark Shard radiation
  • Informed Ability: both the Illuminati and Anunnaki armies are very powerful due to better technologies, but Illuminati technologies are undeniably still far less advanced thn Anunnaki technologies.
  • Instant Death Bullet: Cho Seung Hui's handcannons
  • It Got worse
  • Kill Sat: Rods from God, Particle cannon, and Magnetic Satellite
  • Killed off for real: all the bad guys in this movie as well Hannah Montana, High School Musical kids, Jonas Brothers, Twilight Characters, Justin Bieber, and the like. plus undead Michael Jackson(he must be very happy because the Iluminati has disolved) and Walt Disney(he is also very happy of this) in the end of this movie
  • Light the Way: Hikari and Takeru powers
  • Limit Break: many of the major casts of this movie are loves to peforms Limit Break-type attacks from Bartman and Robin(co-op moves of both Bart Simpson and Robin that pays homage to Batman and Robin), Trinity Limit plus(same as classic Trinity limit except it also involves Riku and kairi), Doomsday Punch(co-op moves of Ash, Misty, Tracey, and Melody where it has suficient power to destroys even Epic Units), Maximum Darkness(Riku x Raven combo moves), Tranquility of light(Sora, Kairi, Takeru,and Hikari co-op limit), and so on
  • Lizard People: the Anunnaki of course
  • Living Macguffin: Plankton Himself
  • Loads and Loads of characters
  • Man in the Machine: Shocktroopers of course, since they are terminally ill patients that sprited away from hospitals all over the world in their vegetative states where they fakes their death first whilst their memories of previous lives are fully erased before placed in the dark suit of mechanical armor that runs on nuclear energy(also for their life support systems)
  • Mass Teleport: Anunnaki primary method of deployments as this technology makes even orbital drop look like arowheads
  • Mayaincatec: 2012 phenomenon of course which causes countless universes(including Real World) merges each other
  • Mecha mooks: Foster Miller T.A.L.O.N. S.W.O.R.D.S. and Illuminati bipedal mechas are fills this role
  • Mechanical Lifeforms: the Anunnaki and their vehicles are qualifies, as their cyborg nanotechology are combines their organic flesh with mechanical technology in celluar-molecular level
  • Mega Crossover: taken up to eleven and this is the main theme of this movie of course
  • The Messiah: Spongebob of course
  • the Mothership: Illuminati TR-3B Astra and Aunnaki's shem Capital Ship(that can shapeshifts into Giant robot)
  • Miss Fanservice: discused that Starfire and Fio are rants that they tired to become sex object for their fans
  • Nanotechnology: the Anunnaki empire are uses this technology extensively in just everything that they uses
  • Nigh Invulnerability: both Spongebob and Patrick are nigh Invulnerable, unless when they are confronted with Flame Weaponry, Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, and Nanite Weaponry, and Energy Weapons
  • Night of the Living Mooks: zombies of course(as homage to the World War Z) with a slightly overpowered Nanosuit Zombies
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: Gasmask-clad Robot Nazi Black Knight Sadomasochist soldier with handhheld rifle-sized Autocannons, NBC sprayer, FGM-148 Javelin, Vader's breath, and Darth Vader-like voice.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: THe Anunnaki in General
  • Omnidisclipinary Scientist: Sandy Cheeks, Adam Jensen, and Lex Luthor
  • One Man Army: most of the protagonists in this movie are individually One Man Army
  • Our Souls Are Different: applies literally to Plankton, as he is the only ones that holds the right soul that Anunnaki Pharaoh Anu needs to become complete being, that's why the Anunnaki armies will stops at nothing to claims Plankton
  • People Jars
  • Powered Armor: Knights Templar's Chobham Suit as well Master Chief, Nomad, and Psycho
  • Rare Guns: XM8
  • Rasputinian Death: justified and Exaggerated as any Anunnaki can survies even the most fatal of injuries including both Headshots and Decapitation for indefinitely because of their modular and decentralized nervous system from their Nanotechnology implant
  • Real Robot: Illuminati's mechas that also doubles as mecha mooks, and just every single Anunnaki's truly ground bound vehicles
  • Red one and Blue oni: applies to Taichi and Yamato as usual
  • reference Overdosed: In Addition of mega crossovers of course
  • Scary Dogmatic Aliens: luciferian Alliance of aliens where their philosophy are all about Intellect and Greed
  • Sci-fi versus Fantasy
  • Self Fullfilling Prophecy: When Plankton unleashes his own Secret Plan: merging himself with Apocalymon in order to becomes physical god with near-bottomless amounts of Superpowers and ability to absobs anything that it touches for it's abilities(all of his new superpowers are this Digimon) to fights off the Anunnakis after they killed everyone else except Squidward, Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob, Patrick, Plankton, Larry the Lobster, Sandy, Pearl, and Mrs. Puff only to accidently absorbs Anunnaki Pharaoh Anu amongst many other things and fulfills the archaic prophecy that once fulfilled, it can leaves everything FUBAR as Anunnaki Pharaoh Anu become complete being
  • The singularity: the Luciferian Allliance of Aliens has experienced this for billions of years
  • The Spartan Ways: Uber Illuminati origin
  • Spiritual Sequel: this movie is the Spiritual sequel to the Scary Movie series
  • The Spock: every single members of Luciferian Alliance of Aliens are fits into this albeit they doubled it with their Greedy and ultra Violent attitudes
  • Suficiently advanced Alien: the Anunnaki of course where their technologies are can makes even PS6, XBOX1440, Iron Man's Suit, Teen Titans' Cyborg and his technologies, Particle Cannon uplinks, SVW-001 Slug Gunner, BFG-9000, and the like(including even Dark age of Technology-era equipments) looks like Arowheads
  • Superhuman Intelligence: most of the members of Luciferian Alliance of Aliens are thousands times smarter than Einstein and the Anunnaki themselves, which being dominant species in the Luciferian Alliance of Aliens are can makes even Reed Richards looks like some lower animal in term of Intelligence Level and Anunnaki Godharaoh Anu are have near-fathomless amount of IQ since it uses Quasar-powered Matrioshka Brain as it's body
  • Super Weight:
  1. Type -1: Shocktroopers(Sans Armor), Syndrome from the Incredibles, most characters from Happy Tree Friends(they also fits into Type 0)
  2. Type 0: Lex Luthor, Plankton(he also fits into type 2), Max Maple, Comic Book Guy
  3. Type 1: P.F. Squad(barring Leona Heidern, though Ralf and Clark are also borders on type 2), Nomad(Sans Nanosuit), Psycho(Sans Nanosuit), Flippy(also qualifies for Type 2), Illuminati Mooks, Emile Danko(sans Nanosuit), ACME Mooks(sans their suits), Imperial Guardsmen, Commander Shadowsun, Tean Fortress 2 mercenaries, Hannibal lecter(minus suit), Bartman(he's also counts as type 2), Kaoru Koganei, Robin(borders on type 2 in sheer power levels), Pokemon trainers(minus Ash, before they got their power-ups), the Mole(also fits type 2), Anton Chigurh, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Mario brothers(minus Powerups), Shinsengumi warriors(civilian form)
  4. Type 2: Spongebob Characters, Ash Ketchum(before getting his power up), Leona Heidern, Beast Boy, Adam Jensen, Buddhist Monkey, Evil Flippy, Unmorphed rangers with civilian powers, Goofy(technically he's type 1), Tracey Sketchit(when he has precog powers), Miles "Tails" Prower(without chaos emeralds), Amy Rose(barring Chaos Emeralds), Cream the Rabbit(barring Chaos Emeralds), Summon characters in General, Rouge the Bat, Michael Becket
  5. Type 3: Adam Jensen(when he deploys Retractable Exosuit), Twilight Sparkle, Powered-up Pokemon Trainers, Blaze the Cat, TWEWY casts, Donald Duck, Digidestined(human form, also borders on type 4), Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, anyone in Powered suits, Master Chief, Dick Simmons, Dexter Griff, Shadow the Hedgehog(borders on type 4), Silver the Hedgehog, Starfire, Raven, Benders, Iji Kataiser, Mario characters with Powerups
  6. Type 4: Biomerged Digidestined(also counts as type 5), Keyblade Wielders, Hiro Nakamura, Space Marines
  7. Type 5: Avatar State Korra, anyone that uses Chaos Emeralds  or Elements of Harmony, Splendid(borders on type 6), ACME Gigazord, CABAL,
  8. Type 6: Anunnaki Generals
  9. Typr 7: *Spoiler*

the Illuminati

Posted by Masonicon on December 22, 2010 at 12:46 AM Comments comments (2)

The Illuminati is the secret societies of Military-style Techno-religious cult that worships the Anunnaki as their gods and for those that unfamiliar with the Illuminati, here are following information:

Type: Religion, Secret Society, Underground Government, and Military industrial Complex

Leader(s): Adam Weishaupt and Mayer Amschel Rotschild(founder of it's modern incarnations), Prince William(before Plankton Promoted into the Highest Leader of Illuminati), Sheldon Jr. Plankton(after they sets free Plankton from Asylum for the Criminally tiny when they finally has able to travels into his world due to 2012 Phenomenon and he is later promoted into the highest leader of the Illuminati in order to fullfills the eon-old prophecy: where he will merged with Anunnaki Pharaoh Anu)

Commander-in-Chief: Crown Council of 13 and Commite of 300

De Facto Leader: British Royal Family(later succeedded by Sheldon Jr. Plankton)

Affiliation: the Anunnaki(as their gods), Vatican(which gives us flawed Gregorian Calendar), CIA, FBI, DOD, IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserves, Council of Foreign Relations, Club of Rome, the Bildeberg Group, Trilateral Commisions, most(if not all) of Mainstream Media outlets, and most(if not all) of Multinational Corporations as well fad religions like Scientology and the like as it's front plus Ptolemaic army from Metal Slug universe following 2012 phenomenon

Capital/Base: Area 51, Dulce Base, and various Underground bases all over the world(later the main capital city of the Illuminati are moved to Planktopolis 2.0)

Official Language: various(their words are almost always written in Pigpen Cipher)

Emblem: Pyramid/Triangle, Masonic One Eye, Spiders, and Checkered Floor

Colors: Blood Red and Fiery Orange

Area of Operations: Worldwide-few solar systems

History: though their existence and activities are dated back to 10.500 BC(even far earlier) where their alleged activities in the pre-modern era are burning the Library of Alexandria(they hoarding it's knowledge before burning it), modern Illuminati are founded by Adam Weishaupt and Mayer Amschel Rotschild in 1771 AD where since the French revolution to today's War on Terror, they has secretly supplies warring sides with weapons(they has did that in the most(if not all) of Wars and Conflicts throughout history as they are secretly makes mankind killing each other since history began for ritualistic sacrifices to their gods: the Anunnaki and withhelds estoteric knowledges from majority of  people throughout the world in addition of making people killing each other throughout history). in 1914 AD, they stages the assassination of Franz Ferdinand of Austria in order to triggers World War 1 where like most wars and conflicts throughout history, it's casualties are later secretly used as ritualistic tribute for the Anunnaki, World War 2 is no exception when compared to other wars where Illuminati bankers(Rotschilds, Rockefellers, and so on) are secretly funds Hitler to cause World War 2 where this war are also surprisingly become catalyst for the World Government: the United Nations where unlike most(if not all) of of world's nations are adheres to UN rules like don't uses weapons like Cluster bombs, Landmines, Flame Weaponry, and Bio-chem weapons, the Illuminati violates the UN too much, like adopting both Flame Weapons and Bio-chem weaponry as well radioactive weaponry and later Nanotech Weaponry(albeit far too primitive when compared to Anunnaki version of this weapon system) as important part of their arsenals and secretly conducting countless unethical scientific experiments in their (mostly) underground labs amongst many other things like that. in 1947 AD the muclear tests that conducted by USA and the Soviet in that time are releases EMP that makes a Anunnaki spacecraft crashes when they flies around for feeds on WW2 casualties and that crashes are later known as Roswell Incident and notably since that, they are known to reverse engineers alien technologies so their Science are far beyond Conventional Science. throughout cold war era(1945-1990 AD), they are known to supplies both Western and Eastern bloc countries with weapons and other Military Hardwares, conducting both MKULTRA, Montauk Projects, Operation Northwoods, and many projects like that as well causing Vietnam War by stages the Gulf of Tonkin incident, establishes the Club of Rome where they uses to justifies depopulation of the world in the name of "environment" that in fact even when they has removes at least 75% of World's population, they are still continues eco-destruction and they are uses Developed countries(other than any Eastern-bloc countries) to rapes 3rd world countries all over the world out of it's resources by giving their leaders false promise of prosperity, they are also secretly causes plague of AIDS, Ebola, and other diseases like that as well famines where they uses the Media to attributes them to "man-made" Global Warming(where in reality they are more than likely caused by solar activity when the Earth(along the rest of solar system) are getting hotter due to sunspot that happened in the 1979(11 years before this happen again in 1990 where George Bush Senior announces New World Order) and back in these days, it isn't as overhyped as today) instead their dirty hands where they do that in addition of reducing population with their agendas, they are uses the bodies of those that dies in that war and famine to feeds their alien gods, and they has finally constructed the HAARP in order to mind control World's Population and artificially causes 'Natural' Disasters for depopulates World's Population(used in combination of Chemtrails and in conjunction of Nuclear Weapons). following the end of Cold War era, one of the Illuminati top member, George Bush Senior announces the New World Order as following the Cold War era, United States of America are becomes world's sole superpower where in the Globalization era, it affects everything like makes nearly everyone that walks on earth like homogenizing the perception of reality of most people on earth with Mainstream media into like this: "Humans are evolved from Apes just for more than likely perish from Anthropogenic Global Warming and War on Terrorism combined with global Pandemics, Asteroid Impacts, Supervolcano, Gamma Ray Burst, Megatsunami, and Close approach of black hole to solar system before they have any chances to develops Nuclear Fusion, Strong AI, commonplace space travel, and Alternative energy sources(not so mediocre ones) while the very last things that they ever developed before they extinct from Global warming and other mundane disasters are Predator Drone, Biofuel, Hydrogen Fuel cell, wind power, solar power, Digital electronics, and other things like that in the 21st century where they does nothing throughout much of their history, and to make this even more mundane, just almost everything that doesn't seems normal to them are simply never happened throughout the entire history of the Universe".

in the 21st Century, they fabricates 2 threats that later becomes big fat meat of 21st century: Global Warming and Islamic Terrorism where all the solutions that they offers are nothing but justifying Iraq and Afghanistan wars, encourages Islamophobia, Kyoto Protocol, Carbon Tax, "Green" Branding, and not so efficient Renewable Energies by using  George W Bush for Orchestrating September 11 2001 attacks for promoting Irrational Fear of Islamic Terorism and making Al Gore devote himself full-time to the issue some time around 2003 for promoting Irrational Fear of Global Warming where they makes Global Warming and Islamic Terrorism the biggest deal of 21st century and to make this worse, any Natural Disasters(including Plagues like Swine Flu and famines where in fact more than likely isn't caused by Global Warming) are ends up attributed to Global Warming  while any man made disasters are ends up attributed to Islamic Terrorism, further makes people all over the world scared and the Iluminati did this to feeds their Alien(this word isn't always means Extraterrestrials) gods Human Emotion: Fear before they ritualistically sacrifices at least 75% of World's Population in 2012 and additionally, the Iraq and Iran war is mainly for retrieving a pieces of Stargates for helping the Anunnaki to punch the hole through impassable barrier than separates different universes.

After that, when December 21st 2012 is approaching, they are secretly sents their commandos to sets off nukes on both Iran and Israel, ignites the World War 3 where millions of lives are lost and it's casualties are rapidly increasing and finally in December 21st 2012 when the Earth is aligned between Milky Way(from the side of earth that faces the Day) and the unknown distant galaxy where a Galaxy-sized cybernetic Dyson Sphere that used as Throne/Physical body of Anunnaki pharaoh Anu rests(from the side of earth that faces the night), the Illuminati uses HAARP to artificially causes several Natural Disasters that claims billions of lives and this is really invoked Anunnaki aliens to comes to earth and further claims the lives of Billions of world populations, and the Illuminati are further establishes the New World Order. but there's 'side' efffects of this ritual: the Anunnaki's information gathering device that they has placed eons ago in the Earth are makes countless different universes(including those that Anunnaki are unintended to merges each other) merges with the universe where everything that belongs and exists to Real World are here so both Illuminati and Anunnaki are now can travel to different universes with different stargates including those that they get from both Iraq and Iran war and their main goal is: to fullfills the ancient prophecy that if their gods are become complete being again, it will rules everything forever by purges all the worlds and universes from Mortal Lifeforms save for it's worshipers and the rest of it's kind which later they will become Immortal, but the Anunnaki Pharaoh Anu can only become complete being with Right Soul so the Illuminati are decided to travels to the parrallel Universe where Spongebob Characters lives and sets Sheldon Jr. Plankton free from Asylum for the Criminally Tiny as he is surprisingly revealed to the only ones that holds the right soul that Anunnaki pharaoh Anu needs to become complete being.

Ideology: Satanism, Militarism, Capitalism, Nazism, Fascism, Freemasonry, Global Dominance, and Sacrifical Ritual

Military Strength: superior to all of armoed forces from around the world combined into one given their schence and technology are far beyond Conventional Science, consisting mixed arms between both Modern and Futuristic Weaponry and Military Hardware and has space fleet and space based weaponry like Rods from God and Particle Cannon

Economic Strength: superior to all the nations all over the world combined into one since they have most(if not all) of multinational corporations(each one of them are more powerful economies than many nations combined into one)

Political Strength: controlling the entire world by covert means

Subfactions: Knights Templar(Modern Day Descendants of Medieval Knight Templars where their Chobham Suits replaces both Medieval Armor and Horses, their Miniguns replaces Longbows, Their handheld Tank Cannons and Railguns are replaces Crossbows, and their Missile Launchers are replaces pikes), Shocktrooper Corps(an army of terminally ill people that placed in the Bionic suit of armor that looks lot like Darth Vader's armor with glowing red eye and gas mask like faces and since they are can't feel pain, they are tends to be ssadomaschist), Majestic 12(reverse engineers Alien technology for the Illuminati), Freemasonry, and Marked of Antichrist(this subfaction consists exclusively Genetically and Technologically altered Man and Beast)

Military Arsenals(everytime they uses real life military hardwares, they are always upgrading them with better technology and their version of those vehicles comes with different variants): 

Army: 10.000.000 Men


  • Assault Rifles/Carbines: SCAR-L and SCAR-H(Standard Issue weapons of Illuminati Shocktroopers), HK-416, XM8(standard issue weapons for Illuminati Commandos), MR-C, and M8A1 Pulse Rifle(this Rifle is essentially more futuristic version of XM8 that no bigger than Submachine guns, but it's firepower are still in par with high-powered rifles due to it's caseless 5.56-7.62mm rifle rounds and this carbine is the standard issue weapons of Illuminati Regular Soldiers since this weapon combines Assault Rifle's Firepower and Submachine gun's rate of fire into one not to mention this carbine has integral underslung shotgun/grenade launcher that uses Metal Storm technology)
  • Machine Guns: M134 Minigun(standard Issue Weapons of Knight Templars), HK MG4, MK 48, M249 SAW, M240, L86A1, XM8 Automatic rifle, Handheld full-powered M61 Vulcan(Standard Issue weapon of the Uber Illuminati)
  • Submachine Guns: HK UMP .45, Kriss Super V .45, HK MP7, HK MP5, XM8 Compact, P90
  • Handguns: Desert Eagle(.357 Magnum variant are issued to the Men in Blacks and .50 cal variant are issued as sidearms for Commandos and Mercenaries), G18, G17, SOCOM, M9
  • Sniper Rifles: McMillan TAC-50, Barret M82, L86, M110, CheyTac Intervention, XM8 Sharpshooter rifle
  • non-grenade explosive weapons: Bazooka(repeating variant), FGM-148 Javelin(AT Weapons for Shocktroopers, linkless-fed variant are also avaliable for the Knights Templars and the Uber Illuminati variant of this weapon are uses Nuclear Warhead), M68 105 mm Rifled Tank Cannon(handheld and magazine-fed variant for Knight Templars), Rheinmetall 120 mm smoothbore tank gun(handheld and magazine-fed variant for the Uber Illuminati), Metal Storm nuke Grenade Launcher(essentially, this is a Metal Storm automatic grenade launchers that uses Nuclear Grenades as it's rounds)
  • Energy Weapons: Handheld Railguns and Handheld Solid State Laser(exclusively for the Knight Templars and Uber Illuminati), Gauss Rifles, Personal Particle Cannon(arguably the most destructive weapon in the Uber Illuminati's Arsenal), Taser rounds from Shotgun
  • Flame, Bio-chem, and Radioactive weaponry: Flamethrowers(including "Purifying" Flamethrowers for the Uber Illuminati), Handheld Napalm Cannon(it's range are superior to regular flamethrowers as it works by hurling fireballs of Napalm over great distances thought their ranges are costing them rate of fire), Bio-chem Sprayer, Radioactive dust sprayer
  • Melee Weapons: Combat knife and Stun gun(melee weapons for Illuminati soldiers), Katana, Buster Sword(Knights Templars Melee Weapons), Combat Chainsaw(used by Uber illuminati for Close Quarter combat), Tactical Shield(now they can withstands any small arms fire and even explosives), Heavy Shields(can whitstands even APDS rounds fired from High Velocity Railguns and this shield is for the Knight Templars)
  • Grenades: HE Grenade, Frag Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Flashbang Grenade, Incendiary grenade, EMP Grenade, Fuel Air Grenade
  • Vehicles: Humvee(fills the role of Illuminati Anti-personnel scout vehicle that armed with M2 Browning Heavy Machine Gun and MK19 Grenade Machine Gun that loaded exclusively with Frag Grenades), Attack Bike(armed with M134 Miniguns(12.7mm caseless variant that can aim upwards) and Anti Tank and Anti Air Missiles), M1 Abrams(the Illuminati Variant of M1 Abrams has Auto-Load system for it's main guns, advanced sensory technology, 12-cylinder Diesel Engine in place of AGT1500(as diesel engine is surprisingly safer than AGT1500 jet engine because it's exhaust are didn't burning those that takes cover behind M1 Abrams unlike AGT1500 jet engine and as the powerplant for the Illuminati's M1 Abrams, they uses O.R.M.E.-based Room Temperature Superconductor technology in it's Powerplants that vastly increasing it's efficiency), Electromagnetic Armor, all-terrain treads, and since the Illuminati can mounts whatever the weapons that they want as their main guns, some of them are armed with Napalm Cannon, Railgun, High-powered Soild State laser, Nuclear Cannon, or Plasma Accumulator Cannon as their main guns), Stryker(multifunctional Illuminati vehicles that fills the role fo Transports and Light Tanks where it's mobile gun system separates ammunition from it's crew and it's Crew Compartment are airtight(when it's door are closed) and protects it's occupant very well from Nuclear, BIological, Chemical, and Nanotechnological threats and it's Remote Controlled Mobile Gun system are can be mounted with various weapons, usually dual 30mm Autocannons, Dual SAM Launchers, and Dual Lucifer's Breath Flamethrowers), M270 MLRS(the Illuminati variant of M270 uses hover drive in place of it's wheels or treads, making it no longer confined in land and much faster than regular M270), Unmanned Howitzer Cannon, Mammoth Tanks, Foster Miller Talon SWORDS, Illuminati Mechas

Air Force: 2.000.000 Men


  • Helicopters: AH-6 Little Bird(usually armed with 2x 20mm Metal Storm Machine Guns (100(10x10) barreled with each of them has 10 .75cal rounds stacked from nose to tail) in addition of .50 cal machine gun on it's nose), RAH-66 Comanche(comes with various weapons though they are usually armed with XM301 lightweight gun, Hydra Rocket pods(usually loaded with Napalm warheads), and Hellfire missiles as well AAMRAM), UH-75D Shark Antigravity Helicopter(fills the role of UH-60 Blackhawk in the Illuminati Air Forces), CH-53E Super Stallions
  • Tillrotor Aircraft: MV-22 Osprey(the Illuminati variant of V-22 osprey are heavily weaponized and fills the role of CH-47 Chinook)
  • Fixed Wing Aircrafts: F-22 Raptor, F-35 JSF, B-2 Spirit, C-17 Galaxy(the Illuminati variant of this aircraft uses Anti-Gravity propulsion in place of jet engines, allows them to carries loads that can as heavy as M1 Abrams), SR-33 Aurora, TAW-50 orbital bomber, Lockheed-Martin X-33A military spaceplane, TR3-A ’Pumpkinseed’, X-22A antigravity fighter disc
  • Spaceships: Nautilus Spacecraft, TR3-B ’Astra"(Illuminati's Capital Ship)

Navy: 2.000.000 Men


  • Aircraft Carriers: Gerald R. Ford class, Nimitz Class
  • Amphibious assault ships: America Class, Wasp Class
  • Submarines: Ohio Class, Virginia Class, Seawolf Class, Los Angeles Class

  • Cruisers: Ticonderoga Class
  • Destroyers: Arleigh Burke Class, Zumwalt class

Technology: despite their technology level is vastly far more inferior than the Anunnaki, their science and technology are still far beyond conventional science and here's are the sciences and technologies the Illuminati utilizes:

  • Caseless Ammo(allows guns that no bigger than Handguns or Submachine guns achieves firepower in par with High-Powered Rifles)
  • Metal Storm Technology(this technology is essentially several firearm projectile stacked in one barrel along it's propellant)
  • Advanced Robotics(AI controlled or pilot assisted)
  • Missile Weapons Advancements(can lock on Human-sized or smaller moving targets)
  • Military Grade Anti Gravity Technology
  • Military Grade Walker Technology
  • Laser Weapons
  • Nanotechnology(though they are capable of Advanced Nanotechnology, their Nanotechnology are far more primitive than the Anunnaki ones and their uses are far more limited like mind Control)
  • Military Grade Chainsaw Technology
  • Cloning Technology
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Electromagnetic Projectile Weapons
  • Rods from God
  • Strong AI
  • Space Fleet
  • Flame Weaponry(uses White Napalm mixed with ORME, making them more powerful than ever)
  • Portable Nuclear Weapons
  • Advanced Bio-chem weaponry
  • ORME-based Room Temperature Superconductor technology
  • Nuclear Fusion(comes as both Cold Fusion and Hot Fusion)
  • Active Camouflage
  • Cyborgs
  • Scramjets
  • Horus Wands(uses to makes Human Body more resistant to G-force)
  • Jetpacks
  • Illuminati Alchemy(to makes the World's Strongest materials leww expensive)
  • Electromagnetic Armor(makes armored vehicles more resillient than ever)
  • Advanced Computer Technology

Race: Various

Motto: "we are enlightened chosen ones"

Misc: Weakness wouldn't come from itself, if enough of it's sheep slaves are freed, it will dissolves into nothing. the existence of the Illuminati are dates back far earlier than 10.500BC-1770AD. the Illuminati are have superior Technology Level because they has extensive communication with the Anunnaki and hoarding countless knowledges which they all are later kept from the rest of the world

The Anunnaki

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the Anunnaki is the race of reptilian aliens that has predates mankind for eons and for those that unfamiliar with Anunnaki, here are following information:

The Anunnaki

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Vertebrata

Class: Reptilia

Order: Theropoua

Family: Homonidae

Genus/Species: Homo Saurus

Nicknames: Nephilim, Anakim, Rephaim, Djinn, Giants, Titans, Fallen Angels, the Watchers, the Els, the Ari, Elders, Sons of Zadok, Sons of Seth, the Uranids, Cyclopeans, Promethians, Olympians, the Elect, Asuras, the Illies, Fomorians, the Necromancers, Rayless Ones, Bent Ones, the Dogons, Dagons, the Ana, Amaraka, Nagas, the Rakshasas, Dragon Kings, Naddred, the Brotherhood of the Snake, the Serpent People, Djedhi, Tuatha de Dunan, Greys, Reptoids, Draconians, Sun Gods, Homo Futurus, Gog and Magog, Chuck Norris, Vampires

Lifespan: Quasi Immortal(can only died in the unnatural ways, but they always cheats death with Mind Uploading Technology)

Diet: (mostly) Carnivore

reproduction Method: Mass reproduction via Cloning Technology since their people is genderless(this can make them overrun and outnumber their preys)

Method of eating: various(from simply sucks dry Prey's innards to eating with Nanobot in place of their digestive organs)

Body: What do you see here are merely Bio-mechanical suit of armor(with that mainly worn for protecting their breaths from Oxygen as Oxygen is the bane for the Anunnaki) that works lot like Human body with bio-design of veins, organs and other worm like features that a human incorporates in bodily design albeit with ultra sophisticated Nanomechanical parts and Nanoelectronics where each of those Bio-Mechanical suit of armour comes with various modifications, each of them are suited with Anunnaki tasks like unarmored shapeshifting suit for Anunnaki covert Shapeshifters, Armored Suit for Anunnaki Combatants, and so on

Brain: Their brain is very similar to human brain, but Anunnaki brain is lacking Mammalian part of their brains, making them ultra violent despite their superhuman intelligence

Homeworlds: Their world appears to be metallic, cold, manipulative, overpowering, Lifeless and barren, domineering, controlling to the extreme, technological and fascist, without love or joy and with no regard for the free will of other beings. Sounds like a good definition of Hell.

Language: Reptilian/Draconian(sounds lot like Parseltongue albeit with twists of Sumerian, Arabian, Hebrew, and Babylonian words) with Robotic Voices.

Technology Level: Their Science and Technology is 'beyond farthest reaches of imagination(their exact technology level are in par to Xeelee and the like)

Powers: other than superhuman Intelligence, their powers are all come from their Nanotechnology implants and the Exosuit that they wears where some of their powers are: Omnilingualism(from machine translator built on their exosuits), Shapeshifting(from their specialized suits of armor),etc.

Voices: they speaks with Stephen Hawking-esque voices albeit with robotic, demonic, and reptilian twists. Anunnaki shapeshifters can change their voices

History: they has been predates mankind for eons where in the prehistoric times, their leaders are killed, but luckily they all are cheats death by mind uploading technology, where one of their dead bodies are buried in the prehistoric sea that would later in the present day become Bermuda Triangle while another one of them are buried in the place in the Mars that later become Face on Mars, the Ea(the top leader of the Anunnaki empire) gets new body like no other: Cyborg Dyson Sphere type construct that built around supermassive black hole that provides "godly" amount of energy needed to processes near-fathomless amount of information at rate beyond speed of light where that thing are located in the exact opposite from the Earth(especially if the earth itself are aligned with both sun Galactic core of Milky Way), they have around on earth numerous times in the ancient times where Ancient People are too often misinterpret them as Polytheistic gods and they are the basis of the Sun God legend in the Real World where in the Past, they are known as Polytheistic Gods, Fire-Breating Dragons, and Vampires while in the Present Day, they are known as Greys, Reptoids, and Extraterrestrials(not all of Extraterrestrials are one of them)

Founded: Probably 15 Billion of years ago

Genes: Anunnaki's DNA are distinctively triple helix unlike most other known life forms which their DNA is double helix

Population: (estimated) 100000000000 Quadrillions

Blood Type: they have self replicating nanobots flowing in their veins instead any normal Blood cells so everytime they bleeds, they releases self replicating Nanobots known as Grey goo to the environment, and that nanobots are known as Ichor as it can eats through everything that it touches from Inside out

Leader: Anunnaki Pharaoh Anu

Head of State: The Pharaoh

Ideology: Technocracy, Scientism, Materialism, Racism, Transhumanism, Imperialism, Slavery, Trans-Galactic Dominance

Military Strength: Multigalactic-interdimensional scale military force

Economic Strength: Multigalactic-Interdimensional

Political strength: before 2012: spans through billions of galaxies, after 2012: interdimensional

Affiliation: Illuminati, the Grox Empire from Spore, and Demons from Doom series(in Epic X-over movie case) as well Xelee empire

Currency: Unknown(their Nanotechnology implant are also can be used as wallets for their Digital Money)

Area of Operations: several universes and dimensions(particularly after 2012 phenomenon)

Headquarters: varies

Equipments: they wears biosuits that controlled with their electrical impulses(much like their bigger vehicles, this allows them and their vehicles moves, acts, and reacts at speed of thought and beyond), however unlike bigger vehicles, Anunnaki biosuits are provides inadequate protection for pilot's survival in the case of their destruction so when their biosuits are sustains terminal damages, their pilots will dies, and more than often Anunnaki Biosuit's pilot are get's themselves killed even when their biosuits areonly sustains little or no damage as deadly forces are often completely bypasses their biosuits, but their biosuits are equipped with Advanced mind uploading devices that uploads pilot's minds and souls in case of pilot's death so their biosuits can becomes their new body when this happens and once their biosuits(as their new physical body) are sduffers physical destructions, they further cheats death with mind uploading technolohu and here's are types of Anunaki biosuits: Combat Biosuit(Anunnaki's biosuit that clearly designed for combat than most other Anunnaki biosuit, looks lot like Robotic and biomechanical version of Stereotypical devils), Nanogun(often builts in to their Biosuits) that can shapeshifts into any weapons that programmed to it and all forms of technological weapons are can programmed for morph this weapon though most Anunnaki are seems to prefers Energy Weapons to more conventional weapons, Morphing Biosuit(Anunnaki's biosuit that they uses for infiltrating enemies by shapeshifts into any individual where it's components are can mimics even the most complex machines so this allows Anunnaki shapeshifters can even morphs into any Lifeforms that hidden beneath technological suits like Powered exoskeleton clad ones or cyborgs), Flight Biosuit(variant of combat biosuit that allows Anunnaki to fly by advanced Anti-Gravity propulsion), and Uber-Combat Biosuit(much bigger than other Anunnaki biosuits and provides superior protections than other Anunnaki biosuits though not as decent as Anunnaki vehicles)

Companies: Inter-Dimensional Military Industries(this company produces much of Anunnaki weapons and military hardware), Inter-Dimensional Aerospace industries(produces Anunnaki Aircrafts and Spaceships), Inter-Dimensional Energy Industries(dealing with energy), Inter-Dimensional Biotech Industries(Anunnaki's Biotechnology company), and Inter-Dimensional Technologies(This company produces Anunnaki technologies in general)

Technologies: here are the technologies that Anunnaki uses:

  • Nanotechnology(they used it extensively as Applied Phlebotinum in all of their technologies) and it's subatomic analogues: Cyborg Implants that bounds flesh(Biology) with machine(Technology) at cellular-molecular level, Ichor nanomachines that they uses in place of their blood cells
  • Mind Uploading(used extensively for cheating death everytime they dies(they can only dies in unnatural ways given their infinite lifespan due to their ultra-advanced technology level) by transfering thier minds and consciousness as well their lives to their cloned bodies, more advanced form of this technology are used in their biosuits where once the suit's pilot dies, their minds and consciousness as well their lives transfered to their biosuits first as long if their biosuits isn't damaged beyond repair)
  • Advanced Cloning Technology(used for reproduction of Anunnaki species)
  • Ultra-advanced robotics(pilot assisted or AI controlled)
  • Plasma Weaponry(many Anunnaki firearms are Plasma weaponry)
  • VX Technology: special Nanotechnology that used in their transforming vehicles that works by rearranging of nanomachine cells which compromise Anunnaki transforming vehicles entirely by right programming into specific vehicles
  • BIosuits
  • Molecular Assembler
  • Advanced Anti-Gravity Engine
  • Inter-Dimensional Travel
  • Quasar Technology: use of contained Black Hole(Natural(Supermassive Black Hole founds in the Galactic cores or Quasar) or Artificial) as power source that can makes even nuclear fusion power looks like candle flames
  • Enlil's Hammer: Anunnaki's fabled megaweapon that works lot like Independence Day's Laser except when sufficiently powered, it can packs firepower that can dwarfs even Tsar Bomba
  • Mechanized Walker Technology(has no longer have any limitations of more primitive human walker technology anymore)
  • Antimatter Weaponry
  • Fusion Weaponry
  • Energy Blades(energy-based equivalent of bladed weapons)
  • Energy Whips(energy-based equivalent of soft weapons)
  • Force Shield
  • Gravitor(exotic Directed Energy Weapon where it's damage output that it inflicted are proportional to target's weight and mass so the greater the weight and mass of the target, the more damage from this weapon that they suffer)
  • Phasing technology(makes anything that uses this technology intangible)
  • Dyson Spheres: Matrioshka Brains(like those that used as physical body of Anunnaki Pharaoh)
  • Singularity Cannon
  • Advanced Teleportation device
  • Post-Relativistic Kill Vehicle
  • Galaxy Killer(this is essentially Planet Killer on Steroids)



  • Personnels: estimated people
  • Infantry Weapons:
  1. Pistols: Laser Blaster pistol(Anunnaki counterpart of Submachine Guns), Plasma Pistol, Phaser Pistol, Fusion Pistol, Antimatter Pistol, N-666S Satan's Tongue Disassembler Nano(Pistol Variant), Particle Beam Pistol(nerfed version of Particle Beam weapon)
  2. Rifles and Carbines: Pitchfork Laser Blaster Carbine(Anunnaki's Standard Issue Weapons), Plasma Rifle, Phaser Rifle, Beam Fusion Sniper Rifle(Anunnaki's Sniper Rifle), Antimatter Rifle, N-666A Satan's Tongue Disassembler Nano(Rifle Variant), Particle Beam Rifle, Cyclic Fusion Ignition System, Ion Rifle
  3. Melee/CQC Weapons: Beam Saber, Beam Katana, Beam Dagger, Beam Cutlass, Beam Scimitar, Beam Naginata, Beam Whip, Electromagnetic Bolas, Force Shield(Literally indestructible Forcefield as Shield-Type Weapon/Equipment), Resonance Detonator
  4. Grenades and Explosives: Antimatter Charge, Fusion Charge, Singularity Charge, Plasma Charge, Antimatter Grenade, Fusion Grenade, Plasma Grenade, Singularity Grenade
  5. Heavy Weapons: Plasma Cutter, Photon Missile Launchers, Heavy Plasma Rifle, Plasma Splintergun, Laser Blaster Chaingun, Plasma Chaingun, Antimatter Chaingun, Fusion Chaingun, Hand Held Singularity Cannon, Personal Enlil's Hammer
  • Vehicles: Myrmidon Class MBT, Dimensional Transports, Mecha Horus, Revenant, Mobile Singularity Cannon Platform, Terminator Tripod, Serpentron, God-king Lucifer

Navy/Air force

  • Personnels: estimated people
  • Spaceships:
  1. Capital Ship: Shem capital ship
  2. Space Station: Space Citadel
  3. Spacecraft Carrier: Stellar assault Carrier
  4. Flying Saucers
  5. Fixed Wing Aircrafts: Vimana atmospheric fighter, Valixi bomber, Space Manta Fighter
  6. and the list is going on

Average Height: 200-250cm(inside their combat biosuits, may vary when they wears shapeshifting biosuits), 90-130cm (Outside their biosuits)

Average Weight: depends on their biosuits, and nearly weightless when they are outside their biosuits

Characters and Parodies list

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Here are the list of the characters that will appeared in this movie:


  1. Spongebob Squarepants
  2. Patrick Star
  3. Sandy Cheeks
  4. Squidward Tentacles
  5. Eugene H Krabs
  6. Sheldon Jr. Plankton
  7. Pearl Krabs
  8. Mrs. Puff
  9. Larry The Lobster
  10. Robin/Richard "Dick" Grayson
  11. Starfire/Koriand'r
  12. Beast Boy/Garfield Logan
  13. Raven/Rachel Roth
  14. Taichi Kamiya
  15. Yamato Ishida
  16. Sora Takenouchi
  17. Mimi Tachikawa
  18. Koushiro Izumi
  19. Joe Kido
  20. Takeru Takaishi
  21. Hikari Kamiya
  22. Homer Simpson
  23. Marge Simpson
  24. Bart Simpson
  25. Lisa Simpson
  26. Ash Ketchum
  27. Misty
  28. Drew
  29. May
  30. Dawn
  31. Paul
  32. Melody from Pokemon the movie 2000
  33. Tracey Sketchit
  34. Sora
  35. Kairi
  36. Riku
  37. Donald Duck
  38. Goofy
  39. Mickey Mouse
  40. Hiro Nakamura
  41. Tommy Vercetti
  42. Carl "CJ" Johnson
  43. Neku Sakuraba
  44. Shiki Misaki
  45. Daisukenjo "Beat" Bito
  46. Raimu "Ryhme" Bito
  47. Jake Dunn(also known as Nomad)
  48. Michael Sykes(also known as Psycho)
  49. John-117(Master Chief)
  50. Gordon Freeman
  51. Michael Becket
  52. Flynn Taggart(also known as Doomguy)
  53. Marco Rossi
  54. Tarmicle Roving III
  55. Eri Kasamoto
  56. Fiolina Germi
  57. Trevor spacey
  58. Nadia Cassel
  59. Ralf Jones
  60. Clark Still
  61. Fred Jones
  62. Daphne Blake
  63. Velma Dinkley
  64. Shaggy Rogers
  65. Scoobert Scooby Doo
  66. Colonel Burton
  67. Black Lotus
  68. Jarmen Kell
  69. MacGyver
  70. Spiderman/Peter Parker
  71. Naruto Uzumaki
  72. Danny Phantom
  73. Harry Potter
  74. Pacman
  75. Cho Seung Hui
  76. Lex Luthor
  77. Freddy Krueger
  78. Jason Voorhees
  79. Cyberdemon(loses all of his visible mechanical body parts save for prosthetic nanogun in his left hand that alows him armed to the teeth with all forms of technological weaponry)
  80. Zombies
  81. Michael Jackson(as overpowered Sparkling vampire)
  82. Illuminati Soldiers
  83. Illuminati Shocktroopers(Illuminati soldiers with Head-to-Toe armor(with integral mask that looks like gas mask, but lot more high-tech) and more powerful weapons)
  84. Knight Templars(exoskeleton clad division of Illuminati soldiers with more powerful and bigger guns and Big Fucking Swords that making them more suited for Close Quarter combat, plus their exoskeletons are more modern and futuristic version of medieval Knights Templar armour)
  85. Illuminati Commando
  86. Illuminati Cultists
  87. illuminati Nanosoldiers
  88. Illuminati Hip Hop General
  89. Uber Illuminati
  90. Anunnaki Troopers
  91. Anunnaki assassin Anzu(it's name should never be confused with YUGIOH character of same name)
  92. Uber Anunnaki
  93. Anunnaki Pharaoh Anu(Anunnaki leader, nothing to do with King Tut, it's voice are sounds lot like Stephen Hawking albeit with Robotic and Monstrous twists)
  94. The Grox(later transforms into Groxotron(parody of Megatron from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen))
  95. Apocalymon
  96. Anunnaki Shapeshifters
  97. Spider Mastermind(trades her former mechanical legs with more flexible robotic tentacles with claws at their ends and traded her super chaingun with nanogun that can shapeshifts into any technological weapons where her favorite weapon is Particle Beam cannon that fires continuously)
  98. Anunnaki General Baal
  99. Nanotechnology-enhanced Heartless
  100. Nanotechnology-enhanced Noises




Teen Titans, Heroes, Pokemon, Digimon, Kingdom Hearts, The World Ends With You, Spongebob Squarepants, and The Simpsons plus Crysis, Scooby doo, Metal Slug, Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour, Doom, Grand Theft Auto(Especially Vice City and San Andreas), Halo, F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, Spore(game), Half-Life, Pacman, Spiderman, Naruto, Harry Potter, Danny Phantom, New World Order, 9-11 Conspiracy theory(spoofed by the destruction of the Sea Needle of Bikini Bottom), 2012 Phenomenon(as explanation behind crossover that happened in this movie where that crossover is caused by Anunnaki experiment with Inter-universal space travel gone awry), Cho Seung Hui(as the Movie equivalent of Dennis the Hitman though he not faces main characters until later in this movie), facts about Chuck Norris, Michael Jackson, Disney idols, etc.